Las Vegas

Call It ‘Voter Card Check’

By on 11.5.10 | 8:34AM

The Heritage Foundation's Hans A. von Spakovsky, writing in the Washington Examiner explains how the cooperation to turn out employees of Harrah's casinos to vote for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is illegal:

As National Review reported earlier this week, the Reid campaign sent a desperate e-mail to the senior vice president for government relations at Harrah's Casinos asking the company to pressure its employees to get out and vote for Reid. The campaign even offered to have Reid call Harrah's executives to help give "the backing" needed to get the company working on this.

The Reid staffer involved told Harrah's it needed to "put a headlock" on its supervisors "to get them to follow through...."

Harrah's did just that, getting headcounts and insisting that supervisors explain why their employees had not yet voted. They also coordinated with employee unions to get buses and shuttles to take the employees to the polls....

Census Party Time in Vegas

By on 9.22.10 | 1:58PM

The CBS affiliate in Denver reports that the Census Bureau paid about $100,000 in airfare, meals and hotel for 140 of its administrators in the West to gather at a Las Vegas luxury hotel to confer on "lessons learned." Rep. Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican, saw it differently:

"It's impossible to argue this without saying these folks took a vacation and they took it at taxpayer expense.... I mean I think it's the equivalent of theft," said Coffman, who insisted the Census Bureau could have saved taxpayers money by gathering the same information from administrators by conducting online and written surveys, phone conferencing and a host of other data-gathering methods that would not involve congregating in Las Vegas.

"You need to be respectful of taxpayers. Don't waste their money on a three-day party in Las Vegas or anywhere else to have discussions you can have via a written survey."

Reporter Brian Maass says that wasn't the only lesson learning that the Census Bureau hosted: