The Current Crisis

Ukraine and the Return of the KGB

By 3.6.14

 WASHINGTON—Regarding our community activist’s present imbroglio with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, I stand with Donald Trump who said recently: “The thing I have the most concern about is that he’s being so lambasted for not being respected, and for being a joke, that he’ll do something really stupid to show that he’s a man.” We are now about where we were with Jimmy Carter after he lectured his fellow citizens about their so-called “inordinate fear of Communism” even as the Soviet Union was spreading its tentacles over the Third World. His sudden turn-around—caused by Soviet aggression in Afghanistan—from a position of sweet reason to the pose of a hawk alarmed me and doubtless alarmed the Russians. Jimmy began the military build-up that a more gifted statesman, President Ronald Reagan, consummated in pursuit of a peaceful ending of the Cold War. Yet while Jimmy resided in the White House, I was uneasy with the sudden anti-Communism of this moralistic twerp. Most probably Donald was too. Now we have to worry about the intolerable greenhorn Barack Obama. What will he do next?

At Large

Russia’s Dirty Big Secret

By 2.27.09

How do you say omerta in Russian?