kathleen parker

Kathleen Parker and “Secular” Reason

By on 12.7.08 | 11:39PM

Kathleen Parker has a major case of secular reason sickness and it needs to be cured.  I'll keep this short and simple.  Here is an offensive line from one of Kat's latest columns:

How about social conservatives make their arguments without bringing God into it? By all means, let faith inform one’s values, but let reason inform one’s public arguments.

Problem #1:  Social conservatives very rarely argue for their public policy positions on the basis of straight-up revelation.  It is much more common to hear them talk about scientific evidence that life begins from conception (which could be found in an embryology textbook, for example) than to hear a scriptural exegesis of, say, Jeremiah 1.  If anything, American social conservatives have worked quite assiduously to persuade their fellow citizens without direct appeal to revelation.