John F. Kennedy

Ron Paul: The New Old Joe Kennedy

By on 7.23.14 | 12:14PM

The legend that is John F. Kennedy today, the martyred youthful president who is perpetually popular in polls rating the “greatness” of presidents, has left out a number of facts. 

But one of those facts has resurfaced with the news that former congressman Ron Paul, father of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul—the latter a 2016 presidential possibility—has written a column sympathizing with Vladimir Putin’s Russians.

For those unfamiliar with the Kennedy story, essentially it is this. JFK’s father was Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. Joe Kennedy, whose own father Pat was a bartender, was an up-by-his-bootstraps Harvard grad, a wealthy banker and wheeler-dealer who accrued the Kennedy fortune from not only banking but (pre-regulated) Wall Street, Hollywood, and—famously—bootlegging in the days of Prohibition.

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Kennedy’s Wall

By 11.26.13

Rick Santorum's grandparents had three photographs hanging on a wall in their home when young Rick was growing up: Jesus, the pope, and John F. Kennedy. Back then, Santorum recalled in an October 2011 speech to College of Saint Mary Magdalen students, "Kennedy was an icon." Later, after reading one of Kennedy's speeches, Santorum "almost threw up."

Kennedy's September 1960 address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association "was the beginning of the secular movement of politicians to separate their faith from the public square," Santorum griped. "He threw faith under the bus."

But had the former presidential hopeful read about what came after Kennedy's infamous speech, he would have acknowledged that there were many who were far more gag-worthy than Kennedy.

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Goodbye Camelot; Hello Heaven

By 11.22.13

On November 22, 1963, it would seem no one else died that day but President John F. Kennedy—so well-seared into the American collective psyche is that event. Fifty years after the fact, the assassination of our Golden Boy president is so prevalent one would think it happened just 50 days ago. His death—mostly the controversy of it—has inspired decades worth of media on the subject. There is at least one new movie to be released this year, no doubt hoping to join the ranks of films like Oliver Stone’s JFK. More than a handful of books are penned year after year on the charismatic couple, their Camelot-like time in office, and John's controversial death. This year is particularly flooded. One publishing company alone is releasing eight new books on the topic and re-releasing over a dozen more.

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