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The DeLay Sweepstakes

By 1.8.06

Guilt by association. Down to Blunt and Boehner. Pence for Whip? Plus more.
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DeLay DeToast Pt III

By on 1.6.06 | 3:55PM

Interesting watching the "dog chasing its own tail" on other blog sites as the MSM has created the buzz and excitement of an impending election that was a foregone conclusion a month ago to readers of sites like AmSpec and RedState.

For us, the only question was the timing and how late into January the Republican caucus and its leadership felt they could hold on.

It may be that Rep. Roy Blunt has built up enough goodwill in the past two months to have the "interim" removed from his leadership title. But as we have pointed out before, one reason Blunt's star was tarnished to begin with was damage inflicted by then-Leader Tom DeLay. There has been no reconciliation. DeLay is still influential in the caucus and will do everything he can to ensure Blunt is not given what DeLay feels his colleague should not have to begin with.

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Justice DeLayed

By on 1.5.06 | 8:32AM

You read it here first before the Christmas Recess that the House GOP was looking to cut the cord on Suspended in Animation Leader Tom DeLay. It was the cocktail chatter at the St. Michael's Island retreat after Thanksgiving, and it continued throughout the December legislative session.

Rep. John Boehner has been putting himself in position to challenge for the leadership post for more than a year. Sources say that since January 2005, he has been holding weekly strategy sessions with a kitchen cabinet of advisers in Washington to discuss options, map out fundraising trips and commitments that best put him position for a run at leadership. "If we get a vote, we're ready to go," says one of the advisers. "We've been waiting for this for a while."

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Washington Prowler

Warner Disney

By 12.11.05

A star is born. Plus: DeLay dismissals.
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By on 9.28.05 | 3:47PM

Less than 2 weeks ago, Tom DeLay said there was no more room for cuts in the budget. This brought howls from the right - particularly on talk radio. Today, faced with a partisan investigation that led to an incredibly weak grand jury indictment, DeLay may be wishing he had held his tongue on the inability to make further budget cuts. He'll need the conservative base to rally to him. Telling the base there's no more room for cuts may keep some mum.

Having lived through a little turmoil in the House (Gingrich/Livingston1998), I would say DeLay's decision to step down pending the outcome of the investigation has the scent of political death about it. DeLay, more than most, deserves a vigorous defense from the right. But that's just not the way the Republican party works -- just ask Trent Lott. Internal power struggles will take some toll on DeLay's ability to maintain enough loyalty in the caucus for a return to the Leader's post when he beats the rap.

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Washington Prowler

Democrats Without a Prayer

By 4.4.05

Passing on mourning the Pope. Plus: The two Johns split. DeLay replacement. Infectious Clinton.
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Another Perspective

Suddenly Last Summers

By 1.30.05

His mouth was even bigger in the mid-1990s. So why didn’t he get in trouble then?
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Washington Prowler

Democrat Dirty Tricks

By 5.16.02

One of them comes back to haunt a leading House liberal. But who gave him the okay? Also: Deciding Bush's travels will cost him.
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