John Boehner

They Haven’t Learned A Thing

By on 11.13.06 | 7:33AM

It's almost as though last Tuesday never happened. According to Robert Novak:

In private conversation, Republican members of Congress blame Majority Leader John Boehner and Majority Whip Roy Blunt in no small part for their midterm election debacle. Yet, either Boehner, Blunt or both are expected to be returned to their leadership posts Friday. For good reason, the GOP often is called "the stupid party."


In fact, the voting records of Boehner and Blunt are nearly identical to Pence's and Shadegg's. The difference between them was demonstrated last Thursday when Blunt went to the Heritage Foundation to campaign for his retention as whip. He delivered a defense of earmarking, echoing the House appropriators' claim that the elimination of earmarks would do "nothing but shift funding decisions from one side of Pennsylvania Ave. to the other."

Read it all, as they say.

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The Short Goodbye


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Leave Boehner Behind

By 11.9.06

No Child Left Behind sponsor John Boehner is not the cure for what ails the Republican Party.

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Moving On


The recovery continues and tomorrow the sun will rise even brighter...before the clouds return. Also: Libertarians and conservatives. Amerabia. Plus much more.

Re: The Pence Campaign Begins

By on 11.8.06 | 9:32AM

Phil: Compare Pence's candor with John Boehner's disingenuousness. This is from the statement Boehner issued late last night.

"I've said since January during my run for Majority Leader that that we as Republicans must return to the spirit of '94 and its focus on reform. The American people strongly supported our ideas and agenda in 1994, and they still do. We made progress this year by instituting greater fiscal discipline, rejecting some $45 billion in wasteful Democrat spending, enacting comprehensive earmark reform, and continuing to provide tax relief, but clearly we must do more and we must do better.

That's right, blame the Democrats for wasteful spending under the Republicans' watch.

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Fear the Democrats!

By 10.4.06

Yes, Republicans do have a message.

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La Cage Aux Foley


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Senate Votes

By on 8.1.06 | 11:33AM

Some legislative dope off of the Senate side.

One reason not to count out a successful vote in the Senate on both ending the Death Tax, pension reform and some other tax issues is the number of tax and tax credit issues tacked onto the pieces of legislation by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Leader John Boehner.

Frist actually deserves more credit, because while reporters were running around worrying about Republican political failings, Frist and his leadership team were pushing through appropriations bills with far too few earmarks to Senators' likings. Now the Death Tax and minimum wage bill have some earmarks to meet the needs of Democrats. If they vote that bill down, it is doubtful they get a shot at them for the rest of the year.

It is still a 50-50 proposition that they get it through, but the comparatively unlarded approps bills will be interesting to see move onto the floor later this year.

Another byproduct of the minimum wage bill is that some Senate insiders think they will have a shot later this year at some decent fixes to the Medicare system.

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They Haven’t Changed

By 7.31.06

Given a chance to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, House Republicans failed miserably. Way to motivate the base to bother to vote this fall, guys.

We REALLY Need New Leadership

By on 7.27.06 | 6:50PM

Club for Growth has the tallies on 19 anti-pork amendments put forward by Jeff Flake in the House of Representatives. Guess how many our fearless GOP leaders, Majority Leader John Boehner and Majority Whip Roy Blunt, voted for?


Big donut hole for nineteen.

That's pathetic.