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The Gang That Couldn’t Speak Straight

By 7.22.14

Great piece by former colleague Alyssa Mastromonaco who defines smart, savvy and fashionable.

Thus began a tweet on Thursday by Jen Psaki, the execrable State Department spokeswoman who thought it would be a good idea to depart from that day’s shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 over the Ukraine by Russian separatists, if not actual Russian military operators, using a SA-11 missile system.

It was the second Psaki gaffe of the day, as she had already opened her daily briefing not with reaction to the downing of the plane, but rather a series of minutiae so insignificant that Fox News’s Shepard Smith angrily denounced her as “highly inappropriate” for wasting airtime.

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Biden’s goal was the wrong one

By on 10.11.12 | 11:25PM

The expectations were set incredibly low for Joe Biden. As Ryan would put it to him during the debate, "Sometimes words don't come out of your mouth the right way," eliciting laughter from the gallery. As a man who wouldn't be taken seriously entering this debate, he couldn't possibly be more buffoonish. So why not go ballistic and interrupt Ryan at every turn?

The move paid off. The only times Ryan got to enjoy uninterrupted time to make his pitch to the American people were during his opening and closing statements. Every other moment was shared with Biden or the moderator, Martha Radditz.

Ryan's strength comes from his knowledge of the math and the numbers. He needed to establish with the American people that he was a competent, thoughtful aspiring vice presidential candidate who could work across the aisle. Just a month ago, he was being protrayed as a right-wing radical with ideas too crazy for independents. That's why his pitch was so focused on how he would focus on working with Democrats to reach a solution on the budget or on foreign policy, contrasting that to the experience of Obama's first term. 

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When the Lights Go Down, It Ain’t Pretty

By on 4.22.10 | 1:40PM

The Drudge-linked CNSNews story about Nancy Pelosi's press conference to announce new $140,000 "green" lighting in the House cafeteria reports the new fixtures "will take almost 10 years to pay off in saved energy.
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Biden Continues His Rentseekers Backslap Tour

By on 3.18.10 | 6:18PM

Vice President Joe Biden today made his latest tour stop as he congratulates companies on their successes in securing Recovery Act grants, special tax breaks and government favors for their allegedly "green" companies.
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Beck on Obama’s Weatherization Gal

By on 1.22.10 | 8:50AM

Following up on last week's post about President Obama's weatherization czarina Cathy Zoi and her conflicts of interest, which was featured on John Stossel's show, yesterday Glenn Beck gave it his own special treatment.
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Conflict of Interest for Obama’s Weatherization Czar

By on 1.14.10 | 7:57PM

If you did not catch John Stossel's program tonight on "Crony Capitalism," he did a segment that theFreedom Foundation of Minnesota helped him with (a lot!) about a small window company called Serious Materials.
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