Jimmy Carter

Move Over Jimmy Carter: Obama Most Unpopular President Since World War II

By on 7.3.14 | 1:39PM

A poll released by Quinnipiac University this morning has some devastating numbers for President Obama. The title of the poll, “Obama is First as Worst President Since WWII,” says it all, but let’s look at some of the other numbers.

According to Quinnipiac, Ronald Reagan is seen as the best president since World War II, with 35 percent taking that view. Reagan almost doubled Clinton’s 18 percent, with JFK trailing close behind Clinton at 15 percent. When you break down the results, the independent vote makes the difference, with 66 percent of Reagan’s support coming from that block. Meanwhile, Clinton’s support tends to be more partisan, with 34 percent of his vote coming from Democrats.

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Jimmy Carter’s Legacy of War

By 6.19.14

Iraq is a disaster. And yes, President Obama has made ghastly mistakes for which he is directly responsible. Yet the current situation in Iraq isn’t Obama’s fault. Or George W. Bush’s. Not to mention Bill Clinton's, George H.W. Bush's or Ronald Reagan’s.

But Jimmy Carter? Yes. There’s the man who should be called to account. In fact, it was during Carter’s single term in office that Iran became an Islamic fundamentalist terror state and that Saddam orchestrated a coup to take power in Iraq, launching the Iraq-Iran War and a megalomaniacal career as a mass murderer. Not that you’ll ever hear that from the newspapers. Let’s hop in the time machine, shall we? 

It’s 1979. The President of the United States — Jimmy Carter — is well on the way to earning a reputation around the globe as a weak leader. Two years earlier, barely five months into his term, Carter had traveled to Notre Dame to deliver a commencement speech. In which he said, startlingly in the middle of the Cold War:

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The Obama Watch

President Spock

By 12.15.09

Obama's lack of emotional intelligence -- is the President dumb?
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The Obama Watch

Welcome Back, Carter

By 11.24.09

How soon before President Obama joins Jimmy Carter as a winner of the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize?
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Streetcar Line

He’s Not Jimmy Carter

By 9.3.09

Conservatives are taking too much solace in the precipitous drop in Barack Obama's approval ratings.
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