James O’Keefe

Re: O’Keefe, From Pimp to Punk(ed)

By on 9.30.10 | 4:19PM

Quin, I have to agree with you that this was an amazing example of about as bad a judgment as someone can have. And this looks downright mean. I like what my former John Locke Foundation boss John Hood, whom you linked, said at The Corner:

This CNN episode ought to convince all conservatives that not only should O’Keefe’s behavior be condemned, but conservative leaders and organizations need to do a better job of assessing the maturity level and character of the people they hire, support, or praise. Building an alternative media network of conservative and libertarian periodicals, news portals, broadcasters, blogs, and video sites is a great idea.

O’Keefe Trains Camera on Census Bureau

By on 6.1.10 | 9:28AM

After his sentencing in the Mary Landrieu phone caper case, Big Government undercover video reporter James O'Keefe decided to see what the Census Bureau is up to in his home state of New Jersey.

The Current Crisis

Liberal Unfairness vs. James O’Keefe

By 2.4.10

The double standard is pie-throwingly ridiculous.