International Justice

The IMF: Lawless Cosmopolitanism

By on 5.20.11 | 1:14PM

The D.C. offices of the International Monetary Fund are "an international island in the midst of the American capital," furnishing "a climate in which romances often flourish -- and lines are sometimes crossed," Binyamin Applebaum and Sheryl Gay Stolberg report in the New York Times.

The IMF's "female employees [are] vulnerable to harassment," they report, citing numerous examples. "The laws of the United States do not apply inside its walls, and until earlier this month the I.M.F.'s own rules contained an unusual provision that some experts and former officials say has encouraged managers to pursue the women who work for them: 'Intimate personal relationships between supervisors and subordinates do not, in themselves, constitute harassment.'"


Here Comes the Super Judge

By 1.11.10

There's no greater practitioner of extraterritorial injustice than the obsessively prolific Baltasar Garzon.

Letter From London

The Tzipi Livni Affair

By 12.30.09

Hamas is allowed to make a mockery of British and international law.