Climate Action Partnership Member Gets Reprimanded

By on 5.20.11 | 1:31PM

That would be Duke Energy, the utility that lobbies to raise your electric bills and is financially backing the Democrats' 2012 convention in Charlotte, which last week saw the Indiana State Ethics Commission fine a former lawyer of theirs and ban him from future employment with the state. Scott Storms had previously been a top lawyer for the state Utility Regulatory Commission, and was punished for negotiating with Duke for a job while working on their rate cases while still with IURC. The evidence shows that other top Duke officials were also cozy with their regulators while trying to gain cost recovery for their troubled Edwardsport coal gasification power plant, which I detail today at the National Legal & Policy Center blog.

Campaign Crawlers

Election Boilermakers

By 2.16.10

Sen. Evan Bayh is not the only incumbent in trouble in the bellwether Hoosier state -- and that includes some Republicans.