Housing Bubble

The Recession Spectator

Ten Thoughts on the Causes of the Bubble and Bust

By 5.29.09

It's all beginning to make sense.

Political Hay

House Flippers

By 2.12.09

The Senate version cuts Rep. Maxine Waters' favorite "neighborhood stabilization" provision. For how long?


The True Origins of This Financial Crisis

By From the February 2009 issue

As opposed to a desperate liberal legend.

The Nation's Pulse

The Economics of Quicksand

By 1.30.09

Media experts stunned when falling prices result in greater sales.

Washington Prowler

Beyond Bill Richardson

By 1.5.09

Turns out his backer David Rubin's CDR Financial was close to many Democrats profiting from Fannie and Freddie's wheeling and dealing.

The Current Crisis

Bubbleheads and Dupes

By 12.24.08

The New York Times qualifies as both.