Sony Hack Reveals Sony Executives are Kind of Racist UPDATE: Apologies Issued

By on 12.11.14 | 1:50PM

Sony Pictures Entertainment was the victim of a very serious hack last week, possibly originating from North Korea (though North Korea denies it and the technological prowess necessary to bypass the kind of protections on Sony's archives would imply hackers whose nations have evolved beyond the Bronze Age). The attack exposed a number of Sony's upcoming pictures, Sony employees' personal details, thousands of emails between Sony employees and executives, and a teensy bit of abject racism on the part of Sony Entertainment bigwigs.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s Romance May Be Headed to the Big Screen

By on 12.5.14 | 2:43PM

These days, the only people who seem remotely satisfied with Barack Obama's job performance are people living in beachfront mansions on the California coast. Even actual Communists and socialists have taken to things like social media to express their deep regret that the guy who promised to even the playing field has, in fact, been more inept on the subject of income inequality than Scrooge McDuck. They may as well have run Paul Krugman, if they could pry him away from his cats.

But, as I noted, Hollywood is still deeply in love with their President. Gwyneth Paltrow probably has an autographed photo of Barack hanging above her bed, so that it's the first thing she sees when she awakens from slumber in her bed that costs more than you'll make in a decade. George Clooney likely considers Barack the third person in his marriage, and while everyone has long forgotten Barack and Michelle's fairytale romance, as loosely-source campaign propaganda, Hollywood is, apparently, greenlighting movie about their Chicago courtship that will begin filming in July.

The Movies You Watch Aren’t Gay Enough, Say Activists

By on 7.23.14 | 4:37PM

Gay and transgender characters don't feature often enough in major Hollywood films, according to a bizarre claim from the activist organization GLAAD. I say that the claim is bizarre because their gripe is that "only" 17 out of 102 big studio films from 2013 featured gay characters. GLAAD regularly bean counts the number of homosexuals in film in their Studio Responsibility Index. "Only" seems a bit of an odd choice of words, though, when 3.8% of Americans identify as LGBT. If anything, gays are disproportionately represented in movies. This should hardly be surprising, given the distinctly liberal complexion of the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Pedophile Allegations Involve Gay Democrat Donor

By on 4.18.14 | 8:05PM

Allegations that a film director raped a teenage boy could impact fundraising for Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, whose close ties to Hollywood’s gay community are potentially implicated in the scandal.

Bryan Singer, the openly gay director best known for the X-Men series of action films, has been accused in a lawsuit filed by a 31-year-old man who says he was 17 when Singer forcibly sodomized him in 1999. The plaintiff in that lawsuit, former model and actor Michael F. Egan III, describes attending Hollywood parties that “were typically sordid and featured sexual contact between adult males and the many teenage boys who were present for the parties.” According to the lawsuit, Singer attended the gay sex parties at the estate of Marc Collins-Rector, an entertainment entrepreneur who subsequently pleaded guilty to multiple crimes involving underage boys, and is now a registered sex offender.

IRS Doing Their Part To Keep Hollywood Liberal?

By on 1.23.14 | 2:50PM

The 1940 film "The Ghost Breakers" features a classic Bob Hope zinger comparing Democratic voters to mindless zombies. These days, Hollywood elites prefer their politics humorless and one-sided. Self-righteous, semi-informed political ramblings have become a cliche from A-listers such as Matt Damon and George Clooney. Of course, Hollywood leans almost exclusively to the left—perhaps the better to hasten California's inevitable slide into the ocean. If you are a conservative in the entertainment business today, you deserve a medal of valor. What you're likely to get instead is public condemnation from your industry peers, as when legendary actor Clint Eastwood was roundly mocked for his 2012 speech at the Republican National Convention.

Charlie Sheen Trainwreck Has Ceased to Be a Laughing Matter

By on 3.1.11 | 10:17PM

Tuesday morning on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist were treating Charlie Sheen's latest out-of-control escapades as a joke, but his co-host Mika Brzezinski kept insisting that Sheen is in serious trouble and needs psychiatric help.

Mika's right.

Sheen claims he's now drug-free. If he's not on drugs -- and the Two and a Half Men star's penchant for cocaine is legendary -- then his outrageous behavior and statements in a series of interviews must be viewed as symptomatic of mental illness. In recent days:

YouTube Bans Pelosi Opponent’s ‘Wicked Witch’ Video; Political Pressure Suspected

By on 9.29.10 | 12:30AM

A campaign video for Republican John Dennis, challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California's 8th District, has been removed from YouTube.com.

The ad, which depicted Pelosi as the Wicked Witch of the West, went "viral" after being linked by the Drudge Report, and had gotten more than 600,000 page views. The video was removed after complaints of copyright infringement from EMI Publishing, which holds rights to the musical "The Wizard of Oz."

One legal source familiar with the case said the copyright-infringement claim was "sub-frivolous," as the video was protected under the "fair use" doctrine.

Obama’s Hollywood Event Snarls L.A. Traffic

By on 8.17.10 | 10:48AM

While I was in Los Angeles yesterday, I got a call from my friend Joe Fein, who told me he wouldn't be able to make it to an event featuring Pamela Geller, author of The Post-American Presidency, that he had hoped to attend.

"They've shut down Olympic Boulevard!" Joe said in outraged tones, explaining that the major east-west thoroughfare had been closed to allow President Obama's motorcade to proceed from Los Angeles International Airport to a fundraising dinner with Nancy Pelosi at the home of one of the president's liberal Hollywood friends.