Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Tapes

By on 6.16.14 | 4:59PM

The Washington Free Beacon released audiotapes that paint an unflattering picture of twenty-seven-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton. The tapes come from an early 1980’s interview in which Clinton fondly remembers serving as the defense attorney for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a forty-one-year-old accused of raping a twelve-year-old after luring her into a car. Young Hillary, all callousness and self-satisfaction, tells the alleged rapist’s story, including the crucial technicality discovered by his clever lawyer.

In the tape, she suggests that she knew her client was guilty: “He took a lie detector test! I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs [laughter].”

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Political Hay

Hillary Clinton’s Conundrum

By 5.16.14

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 conundrum: retaining Obama’s coalition, while distancing from his administration. Neither will be easy, but both are essential — especially for her. As she faces a decision whether to run, she also faces the very real possibility that Obama could wind up beating her twice. 

Every Democratic contender, not just Clinton, faces a serious challenge in seeking to hold together Obama’s coalition. The coalition’s components are no secret: young, women, minorities, Independents, and liberals powered Obama to more significant wins than many recognize. Obama won election in 2008 with the largest popular vote percentage of any Democrat since LBJ in 1964. In 2012, he was the first Democrat to win reelection with a popular vote majority since FDR.

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Special Report

Hillary’s Private NSA

By 3.11.14

Hillary Clinton has her own private NSA.

American Bridge PAC spent last week spying on the private conversations of attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The group also plans to spy on the private lives of GOP delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention wherever the convention is located, but Politico reports ABPAC has issued the following threat if the GOP selects Las Vegas as its host city. American Bridge has set up this website at “SinCityGOP” and announces (bold print supplied):

While the Republican Party debates where to hold the Republican National Convention in 2016, American Bridge is preparing our team of researchers and trackers to capture the action no matter what city they choose.

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Hereditary Democracy

By on 12.19.13 | 4:26PM

A friend recently remarked that if Hillary Clinton wins the election in 2016, then three families will have controlled the presidency for 32 consecutive years. Ditto Jeb Bush. That seems problematic for our constitutional republic.

Think about this duration…32 years is longer than it took 10,000 laborers to build the pyramids at Giza. You’ll have paid off the average mortgage in less time. To put it in perspective, that’s “older” than the minivan or The A-team. Kermit Gosnell was only sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The word “democracy” doesn’t appear the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution. This fact begs several questions. If the founders framed our government to protect Americans from the tyranny of a monarch (and the tyranny of the majority) then what are the implications of a hereditary democracy?

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Political Hay

Grandma Obamacare

By 12.3.13

You can call her Grandma.

Grandma Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton is the matriarch of the disaster that Americans now scorn as Obamacare. And helpfully for opponents, she was kind enough to detail her role in this unending rolling disaster. As it were, in chapter if not verse.

In fact, Mrs. Clinton’s 2003 memoir Living History, an autobiography that takes her from childhood to the U.S. Senate, can be viewed as something unique in the annals of candidate biographies.

Hillary Clinton’s book is a literary landmine. A self-detailed look at just where all those false promises — about keeping your doctor and your health insurance if you like it — originated. Coming on top of Clinton’s role in the Benghazi disaster and the laughable “reset” of relations with the Russians (the latter still laughing at American demands to return NSA leaker Edward Snowden to the U.S.), this ten-year old book serves as nothing if not a precise accounting of the liberal mind at work as it lays the intellectual foundation for one of the greatest disasters in recent American history.

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The Current Crisis

Crony Capitalism: The 1960s Generation’s Legacy

By 10.31.13

WASHINGTON — The historic blunders of President Barack Obama’s embarrassing healthcare rollout demonstrate spectacularly the utter failure of what? Let me tell you. They are the blunders of what was once called the “Brightest Generation” in American history, the 1960s generation. It did not start with Obama. His blunders were just a continuance of their blunders.

By the 1960s generation I mean the pot-smoking, war-protesting, guitar-strumming kids of the left—not the majority from the 1960s generation, not the silent majority, but the minority. They were the miracle workers in politics: Jean-François Kerry, the Clintons, Al Gore, Joe Biden, and all the rest. Their sages such as Saul Alinsky formalized their balderdash in learned tomes for their successors, for instance, Our President. The media kept whooping it up for them. Their every pratfall was portrayed as a great success. Well, make a success of the healthcare rollout.

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Hillary Clinton: State Dept. can get more done without public paying attention

By on 1.26.12 | 4:05PM

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to step down if President Obama is re-elected, but she noted that the State Department could get more done if people aren't paying attention, according to Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy:

Clinton warned her employees that the election season would "suck up a lot of the attention" from foreign policy issues. "But the good news is, you know, maybe we can even get more done if they're not paying attention," she said. "So just factor that in."

The comment came as Clinton was announcing changes to expect during the upcoming year, including the drawdown in Afghanistan and a pledge to allow employees upgraded browsers.

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Chicago Politickin’ Helped ShoreBank Survive

By on 8.25.10 | 11:51AM

The survival of Clinton/Obama-favored ShoreBank (and its progressive agenda) can be attributed in part to the aggressive intervention of Chicago-area congressmen and power players, as I explain today over at the National Legal and Policy Center.

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Saving Two Presidents’ Favorite Bank

By on 6.17.10 | 2:20PM

While many similar financial institutions have been allowed to fail, Chicago-based ShoreBank is getting propped up by the Obama Administration, which allegedly pressured Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and others to send some cash to the community development lender.
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