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Hobby Lobby and the War on Nuns

By on 6.19.14 | 5:51PM

The "war on women" continues, but not in the way you might think; in fact, the HHS mandate of Obamacare might be more of a "war on nuns."

This mandate, which wasn't passed by Congress, is the "Thou shalt provide birth control for thy employees" aspect of Obamacare. Among its victims are the Little Sisters of the Poor, a congregation of nuns who serve the elderly, and Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network. Other women are also concerned that this new commandment interferes with the original ten, including Barbara Green and her daughter Darcy Lett, who are part of the family that owns Hobby Lobby. Green's and Lett's case will be decided by the Supreme Court by the end of the month.

India’s Upset Election Could Spell Promise or Persecution For Religious Liberty

By on 5.29.14 | 12:19PM

India elected a new party into power last week, and only time will tell whether the hopeful predictions of economic growth or the gloomy portents of religious persecution are more correct.

The election surprised analysts because the BJP party—which was so small it has not even had minority governing power since 2004—took 282 seats and the right to elect a prime minister, Narendra Modi. Modi was elected on his record as a decisive leader who turned around the economy of the Gujarat state as its governor.

The BJP's victory was remarkable as an example of a violence- and corruption-free political upset in the world's largest democracy. But Dr. Timothy Shah, whose father hails from Gujarat, finds it worrying.

Modi’s campaign focused primarily on economic issues, but it is ultimately a right-wing Hindu nationalist party. Shah worries that the people’s natural desire for better economic leadership as their country grows could lead to “grave and unintended consequences for democracy and religious liberty.”

"Modi was probably personally complicit in a pogrom that killed 1,000 to 2,000 Muslims in 2002," Shah said during a Heritage Foundation panel yesterday.

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A Conversation With Jim DeMint

By 5.9.14

As president and CEO of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint has travelled across the country and met with thousands of people “anxious to join in building a stronger and more prosperous America.”

Falling in Love With America Again (Center Street, 320 pages, $22.50) is DeMint's methodical manifesto on how to do just what the title indicates. The former senator from South Carolina chronicles the ways in which America has become too big and too intrusive to love. In particular, the federal government, designated “the mother of big” by the author, threatens to repel its country’s own citizens.

By recounting personal stories and startling statistics, DeMint seeks to revitalize Edmund Burke’s concept of “the little platoon we belong to in society” and encourage Americans to embrace the conservative principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual freedom, and traditional values.

DeMint spoke to The American Spectator about why he’s optimistic for America, and why we should be too.