Henry Paulson

Special Report

On the Brink of Depression

By 3.19.10

By any measurement, the financial crisis of 2007-2009 deserves endless examination and inspection.
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Goldman Paulson Sachs

By 3.9.10

Henry Paulson's apologia is a sorry effort that will only reinforce the loathing he inspires.
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Paulson, Bailout, and the Failure of Technocracy

By on 12.15.08 | 6:59PM

What exactly happened in the wake of Henry Paulson's impassioned plea for a bailout of no less than $700 billion dollars?  Irwin Stelzer narrates:

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Ben Stein's Diary

Nice Work, Mr. Paulson

By 12.2.08

An excerpt from the most recent installment of Ben Stein's Diary.
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