Health Care

The Public Policy

Pink Cadillac

By 8.20.09

Welcome "Cadillac health plans" to the rhetoric of healthcare reform. It's not the last time you'll be hearing it.

The Right Prescription

What I Saw at the Health Care Revolution

By 8.20.09

A Yankee reports from Atlanta's triumphant town hall.

Special Report

We’ve Long Had a Public Option

By 8.19.09

Non-profits already provide the "public option" Obama says he wants.

The Obama Watch

Moments of Conception

By 8.17.09

In the Obama era, socially transformative legislation is immediately viable while babies are not.

The Public Policy

Wicked, Lazy Servants

By 8.17.09

The federal government should clean up its own Medicare mess before taking on the entire health care system.

The Right Prescription

Recent Media Coverage of the End of Life Counseling Provisions

By 8.17.09

A response from the chairman and founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

The Right Prescription

Facts Are Not Distortion

By 8.14.09

Government rationing of health care not only will happen -- it's already happening wherever government is involved.

The Current Crisis

Everything’s Just Fine

By 8.13.09

The nation owes a debt of gratitude to our rabble-rousing president.

Cowardice in the Extreme

By on 8.12.09 | 9:37AM

While lively health care townhalls have been conducted elsewhere in the country, here in North Carolina the Democratic congressmen have been criticized for refusing to hold such forums for fear of constituent harassment or worse.

The Obama Watch

Obama Plays Defense

By 8.12.09

A report from Townhall, New Hampshire, on an extraordinarily limp performance.