Health Care

A Further Perspective

The Audacity of Refusing to Be Stampeded Into Obamacare

By 9.9.09

Barack Obama was not always so impatient

The Obama Watch

There He Goes Again

By 9.9.09

The real lesson from Obama's school speech.

Re: Newsweek’s Biggest Lie

By on 9.2.09 | 4:41PM

What do you expect, with the Helen Thomas of science reporting on the story?

Another Perspective

Time to Buy Time

By 9.2.09

Only one thing can reform and save the health care debate.

Political Hay

Honey, Jim Wallis Shrunk the Church

By 8.25.09

Savages Palin after calling for civility -- will he take the Public Option Pledge?

The Nation's Pulse

Whole Foods, Half a Brain

By 8.25.09

John Mackey discovers that on health care, liberals want easy answers and no debate.

Luntz: Anger Not Fake

By on 8.24.09 | 9:38AM

The Southern Governors Association got together over the weekend to talk mostly about climate and energy, but they also dedicated a little time to discuss health care and invited pollster Frank Luntz to explain the pulse of the nation.

The Right Prescription

The “Public Option” Trap

By 8.24.09

Obama is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

Streetcar Line

Death Panels by Proxy

By 8.24.09

Yes, Obamacare tips scales toward death.

The Obama Watch

Freedom of Conscience for Pro-Life Taxpayers

By and 8.24.09

It's threatened by the Obama health care plan.