Health Care

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Health Care Snowe Job

By 10.14.09

Eight things to know about the America's Healthy Future Act.

Snowe: Duping the Folks Back Home

By on 10.13.09 | 3:43PM

Or one of them, at least. Tarren Bragdon, president of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, has written recently of assurances he received from Sen. Snowe about the conditions of her support for a health care reform bill.

The Right Prescription

Healthcare Reform for the “Party of No”

By 10.7.09

First government messes up the market. Then it calls for even greater regulation. It's up to the GOP to point out what's happened to private insurance.

The Right Prescription

GOP’s Health Care Strategy Is Short-Sighted

By 10.2.09

Republicans have weakened support for Obamacare, but they have done nothing to advance an alternative view of the U.S. medical system.

The Nation's Pulse

Senate Committee Holds Fast for Abortion

By 10.1.09

One nation, two cultures, polarized politics.

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Obamacare’s Shovel-Ready Cure

By 9.29.09

Newsweek's editorial death panel has endorsed it.

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Health Care Bait and Switch

By 9.24.09

Obamacare ain't what it used to be.

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Baucus Blunders

By 9.23.09

Before this is over, the mean-spirited Montana senator will be dubbed Mad Max.

The Right Prescription

Lost in the Senate

By 9.21.09

Dim Democrats and the "choice" Wyden plan.

A Further Perspective

The Government Plan

By 9.10.09

With or without the public option, the idea is to assert government control over individual choice. Good luck with that.