Health Care

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Abortion Funding Ban Defeated in Senate

By 12.9.09

Will Senator Nelson bolt on health care?

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A New Ugly Wrinkle

By 12.7.09

The "Botax" sticks it to working women.

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Where’s the Urgency on Health Care Reform?

By 12.3.09

So much for 11 months of hype, as the White House changes its tune.

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Committing HarryCare

By 12.2.09

Harry Reid's government takeover of health care would turn the American Dream into the American Nightmare -- but it can still be stopped.

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Wesleyan Abortions?

By 11.30.09

Religious left unease over the Stupak Amendment

Political Hay

Moment of Truth

By 11.20.09

Where will pro-life Democrats like Sen. Ben Nelson stand?

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HarryCare Is a Rotten Deal

By 11.19.09

The more people learn about the Senate health care bill unveiled on Wednesday, the more they'll oppose it.

A Further Perspective

AMA: Marriage Is the Cure

By 11.18.09

But only in the case of gay marriage.


Harold’s Hack Attack

By 11.12.09

The great progressive Harold Meyerson was in favor of the filibuster before he opposed it. Guess what changed. 

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The Absolutely Worst Bill Ever

By 11.11.09

The Obama/Pelosi House bill is a cruel perversion.