Health Care

The Right Prescription

Republicans Botched Health Care First

By 1.5.10

Fifteen lost years, and now we're paying the price.

Political Hay

Harry’s Shameful Victory

By 1.4.10

Comparing him to LBJ is the best the apologists can do.

Political Hay

Washington Knows Best

By 12.30.09

Time to pull the plug on the New Authoritarianism.

A Further Perspective

The Fully Inept Tackle Health Care

By 12.29.09

There are no miracle cures for arrogance and willful ignorance.

The Right Prescription

Democrats Break Ground

By 12.21.09

As health care legislation clears a key hurdle in the Senate, Democrats are already promising more government intervention in the years to come.

The Obama Watch

Obama Doesn’t Care

By 12.21.09

On health care, our president doesn't sweat the details.

The Right Prescription

Health Care: The Religious Question

By 12.16.09

It's no wonder that the culture wars have been reignited.

The Nation's Pulse

Nuptial Disagreements

By 12.16.09

We're not out of the Woods yet.

The Current Crisis

Government Giveth and Taketh Away

By 12.10.09

Our president knows we're out of money -- a perfect time, in his view, to tax and spend without end.

The Right Prescription

Worse Than the Public Option

By 12.9.09

Senate Democrats' health care "compromise" would move us even closer to a government-run health care system than the current bill. (Updated)