Health Care

A Further Perspective

Health Reform Reality Check

By 3.18.10

A deep dislike of process and substance.

Political Hay

The Masscare Massacre

By 3.17.10

Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill blows the whistle on President Obama's health care plan -- and Mitt Romney's.

Political Hay

Sarah’s Canadian Outreach

By 3.10.10

So why condemn her for medical decisions her parents made when she was five?

The Right Prescription

Hidden Dangers

By 3.8.10

Look what's buried in the Obamacare bill.

The Right Prescription

Prolegomena to Any Future Healthcare Summit

By 2.23.10

Immanuel Kant no doubt had a better understanding of metaphysics than Democrats have of health care.

The Right Prescription

A Late Shift

By and 2.11.10

A new strategy could make the Blair House health care summit more than a PR event.

The Obama Watch

A Thousand Points of Lightness

By 2.9.10

Suddenly our lightweight president announces he wants a debate.

The Current Crisis

Healthcare: A Modest Proposal

By 1.28.10

There's plenty out there preferable to the monstrosity Congress has proposed.

A Further Perspective

The High Costs of a Longshot

By 1.28.10

And they're all being paid by the losers.

The Right Prescription

Health Reform: Where to Go From Here

By 1.27.10

Republicans and conservatives now have their first chance to be heard.