Harry Reid

Harry Reid Thinks Clarence Thomas is White

By on 7.9.14 | 5:47PM

Discussing a proposed Senate bill that would reverse the Hobby Lobby decision, Harry Reid announced that the Senate is acting to “ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men.”

This is significant for a couple reasons. First is the glaringly obvious fact that Clarence Thomas is black. Harry Reid is either misinformed or legally blind. Or, more likely, he thinks that Clarence Thomas is not a “real” African American because he is not liberal. The left has a tendency to celebrate diversity only when minorities subscribe to their ideology.

Next and more significant is the idea that men should not have an input in decisions affecting women. This idea is becoming dangerously widespread, even on the right. Recently, when talking to a male friend about feminist attempts to lower the burden of proof in rape cases, he said that he didn’t want to weigh in because he is not a woman and has never been raped.

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Senate Democrats Already Trying to Overturn Hobby Lobby

By on 7.9.14 | 4:47PM

Reeling over the loss of the recent Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court, birth control and abortifacient advocates across the country are clamoring for legislation to overturn the decision. This morning, many on the left rejoiced when Democrats in the Senate announced their intention to adopt a measure to force companies to forgo religious objections and pay for abortifacients.

According to Talking Points Memo:

Senate Democrats are poised to introduce legislation as early as Tuesday to reverse the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling which exempted for-profit corporations with religious owners from the Obamacare mandate to cover emergency contraceptives in their insurance plans.

The legislation, introduced by Democratic Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Mark Udall of Colorado:

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Harry Reid’s Monolithic Control

By on 7.8.14 | 3:29PM

If obstinacy is the name of the game, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the world’s best player. Stubborn and unwilling to compromise on any legislation, Reid’s inflexibility towards anything not from his office is setting new records, according to a piece in the Washington Times:

Just 14 Senate bills have been signed into law so far this year. That’s nine fewer than at the same point in 2013, which itself is the most futile completed year on record, according to The Washington Times’ Legislative Futility Index.

Can you hear that Republican obstructionism talking point crumbling? The Senate has a fifty-three-to-forty-five Democratic majority with two independents caucusing with the Democrats, giving them fifty-five votes. Most of what the Senate does these days involves amendments filed by Harry Reid:

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Reminder: Reid Also Blamed the Kochs for the Ukraine Crisis

By on 4.30.14 | 4:20PM

In my last post I mentioned how Harry Reid tried to fault the Koch brothers for Republicans voting down a minimum wage hike in the Senate. It's worth noting that Reid has blamed just about everything bad that's happened over the last year on the Kochs. That includes the crisis in Ukraine.

Reid claimed:

It’s hard for me to comprehend how with a clear conscience they could say, ‘Ukrainians, we probably can’t help you because we’re trying to protect the Koch brothers.' And not only that, they’re saying to the American people that protecting the Koch brothers is more important than helping our country.

This all stems from the fact that the Republicans wanted a change in IRS rules for non-profits in exchange for the extensive aid package for Ukraine. Obviously, it was all due to the Kochs.

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Minimum Wage Hike Fails in the Senate

By on 4.30.14 | 3:45PM

Today the Republicans held the Senate as Democrats' minimum wage hike was voted down.

The vote, 54-42, was almost split across party lines, with one Republican, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, supporting the measure. The bill would have incrementally increased the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 over thirty months. The wage would also be adjusted annually for inflation.

Had six more Republicans voted yea, the Democrats would have prevailed with the sixty votes they needed to win. Now, however, they will have to wait for a future vote. Common sense sank one of Obama’s signature initiatives, leaving even less for his already paltry legacy.

With the CBO reporting that 500,000 Americans would lose their jobs due to the wage increase, this vote is a win for the working class. But of course, that’s not what the left will tell you. As Texas Senator John Cornyn said:

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Reid and the Kochs: Take Twenty-Three

By on 4.8.14 | 4:25PM

Harry Reid really needs to go to rehab for his Koch addiction.

His latest Koch-bashing tirade erupted yesterday, as Reid claimed Republicans should wear suit jackets plastered with Koch insignia:

“NASCAR fans can easily find their favorite drivers by simply looking at the cars as they fly by, because there are corporate emblems on the hood of the car … for our clothing here in the Senate, we don’t bear commercials logos. Many Republicans might as well wear Koch insignias,” Reid said Monday. “While they don’t wear Koch Industries’ ties and jackets, they display their sponsors proudly through their actions here in the United States Senate.”

His Twitter account posted a picture showing off his fashion design skills:

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When a “Compromise” Isn’t a Compromise

By on 2.27.14 | 12:25PM

On Tuesday night, the Huffington Post's headline read, “Harry Reid Cuts Unemployment Insurance Proposal In Half To Get GOP Votes.” Based on the headline, one might have reasonably thought that that the GOP had finally forced the Senate majority leader to spend fewer public dollars on a program that was supposed to be temporary, and is an inferior way to improve the economy when budget cuts and tax and regulatory reform would do the job in a spectacular fashion.

Instead, Reid simply cut the length of the program's existence in half, and included retroactive application from the beginning of the calendar year. Under his new legislative plan, benefits would be extended for a total of six months.

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The Reid Doth Protest Too Much

By on 1.28.14 | 11:23AM

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a gossip hound, and a champion in the fight against Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Shambling through the Senate halls, he’s been lampooned by the comedy group The Capitol Steps as the Senate’s “most charismatic” legislator. But last week he let loose on former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who, in his book Duty, painted an interesting picture of the Nevada senator. “Why in the world would a guy violate a confidence like this?” moaned Reid, according to the Daily Beast.

“I’m surprised he would in effect denigrate everybody he came in contact with in an effort to make a buck,” said Reid of his portrayal Gates’s book, apparently forgetting that C-Span cameras are rolling every time he speaks on the Senate floor. Doesn’t Reid realize that a cursory glance at the Congressional Record will reveal his long career of denigrating his colleagues, such as just last year when he accused many of them of being anarchists?

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The Senate Spectator

Nuclear Politics

By 11.21.13

The Senate became less of a deliberative body today and more of a gilded, blue-carpeted rubber stamp as Harry Reid and most of the chamber’s Democrats voted to employ the “nuclear option,” eliminating the 60-vote requirement for cloture on most cabinet and judicial nominees. The Democratic majority leader did so with the full support of the president, who lauded the Senate’s decision. But this reversal of Senate precedent and tradition will likely beget further modification of rules in subsequent Congresses.

Reid’s decision appeared at first to be bravado, no different from his threats to use the nuclear option in 2012. But this week rumors swirled, stoked by congressional aides, that Reid was serious. Today he made good on his threats, leading a vote which ended the practice of filibustering nominees as we know it. 

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Pay No Attention to the Health Bureaucrat Behind the Curtain

By on 11.21.13 | 4:25PM

That's what this whole filibuster-reform, nuclear-bombs-away, uber-hypocritical maneuver by Harry Reid is today, right? The nation isn't bleeding from the fact that the president's judicial nominees aren't being moved down the conveyor belt quickly enough. It's an attempt to distract from the crumbling of Obamacare. The president wants to pivot back to portraying Republicans as feral, clawing anarchists, and beating his breast over their alleged obstruction in the Senate accomplishes just that. He even cited the Founding Fathers in his address, as though the filibuster is what would really irk the founders about the modern Senate; not the massive pork or the empowerment of unelected bureaucracies to pass regulations or the hotline spending—the filibuster. Wasn't the Senate supposed to be the "cooling saucer" of our legislative process? The mind reels.

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