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Shovel Ready? ‘Bite Me!’

By on 7.20.11 | 9:50AM

Don Carrington, my friend and former co-worker at Carolina Journal (published by the John Locke Foundation), has uncovered another round of pooper-scooper (formerly known as "shovel-ready") spending from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This time a flock of fishing boats, which may or may not have needed the upgrade, received "Half Off! Act Now" diesel engine replacements from taxpayers:

"Bite Me," a charter fishing boat ($1,500 plus tip for a full-day's outing) based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County (on the Outer Banks), was one of 14 fishing boats on the North Carolina coast to receive thousands of dollars to replace their diesel engines under President Obama's stimulus program.

More Green Jobs Go Poof

By on 6.22.11 | 11:04AM

The Mackinac Center's Michigan Capital Confidential reports that a green tech transportation company has burned through a significant taxpayer loan, and they ain't payin' it back, because the business went belly-up:

In September of 2009, Fisher Coachworks was mentioned in a press release from (former) Gov. Jennifer Granholm as a "green technology" company that was part of the "new energy economy for Michigan." Two years later, the state says Fisher Coachworks is out of business and the state has to write off $1.6 million it loaned the electric bus manufacturing company.

Edgar Benning, general manager of Flint's Mass Transportation Authority, said in an email that Fisher Coachworks went out of business in the development phase of making two $1.1 million electric buses that Flint was going to purchase with grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly referred to as the "stimulus plan."

Time to Start Renewables Repeals

By on 11.23.10 | 11:27AM

In last months of his successful campaign, Gov.-elect John Kasich -- in a statement that almost all politicians would deem risky due to fear of inflaming the Big Green lobby -- told the Dayton Daily News that he would seriously consider a repeal of Ohio's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. These mandates for utilities to generate minimum percentages of their power generation from expensive renewable sources drive up electricity rates for everyone.

Kasich, in an interview also attended by (defeated incumbent Gov. Ted) Strickland last week in Dayton, said he disagreed with the mandate "if it drives up costs to consumers. It will drive up utility bills because we don't have it ready and have to buy it somewhere else. I don't like that and you can't mandate invention."

Asked whether he'd seek to roll back the mandate as governor, Kasich said: "If I were to determine that it was unrealistic and would drive up prices."

Green Mandates Take Bite Out of Price Break

By on 11.19.10 | 1:21PM

Progress Energy, one of the two major investor-owned utilities here in North Carolina, is lowering electricity rates for their customers. But it's not as low as they could go if they didn't have to adhere to forcibly-imposed environmentalist schemes. The News & Observer of Raleigh reports:

The rate drop is offset somewhat by the Raleigh power company's increasing cost to provide energy efficiency programs to its customers. Progress is offering financial incentives to customers who buy energy efficient appliances and for installing rooftop solar panels.

Without the efficiency program costs, dropping fuel costs would have resulted in a rate decrease of nearly 6 percent.

At least we've got all the associated "Green jobs" to thank for such policies!

GEeks and Government

By on 10.12.10 | 10:27AM

It won't come as a surprise to the Washington Examiner lobbying beat reporter Tim Carney, but CNSNews reports that General Electric has become a big beneficiary of Obama administration generosity:

The Obama administration gave corporate giant General Electric—the parent company of NBC--$24.9 million in grants from the $787-billion economic “stimulus” law President Barack Obama signed in February 2009, according to records posted by the administration at

...GE decreased its U.S.-based employees by 18,000 in 2009, according to the company’s 2009 annual report....

GE was the primary recipient of 14 stimulus grants, a spokeswoman for confirmed to These 14 grants provided GE with $24.9 million in tax dollars. On four additional stimulus grants, the primary recipient of the federal money hired GE as a contractor.

Carney back in March 2009:

Green Economy Cash Favors from DC Abound

By on 9.27.10 | 3:34PM

Vulnerable Rep. Betsy Markey, and many fellow Colorado Democrats, has been the beneficiary of liberal billionaire heiress Pat Stryker's generous political contributions, which helped transform it into a Blue State a few short years ago. Now it appears that Markey has returned the favor by helping one of Stryker's investments, a solar company, get $400 million in federal loan guarantees and by voting for the Waxman-(Ed) Markey cap-and-trade bill. Complete Colorado has the story:

Sally Just Sat There Crying

By on 8.9.10 | 9:50AM

Where's the jobs recovery? Private businessman Michael Fleischer, owner of Bogen Communications in New Jersey, explains in the Wall Street Journal why he's not adding personnel by citing the example of one of his long-time employees, "Sally."

Italy’s Sequel to Calzada Study

By on 5.11.10 | 1:06PM

A little over a year ago Chris Horner, among others, directed attention to a Spanish study conducted by Dr. Gabriel Calzada of King Juan Carlos University on environmentalism-driven economic incentives, which found that for every "green" job created due to government programs, 2.2 Spanish jobs were destroyed.