Government Waste

Feds Admit $125 Billion in Bogus Payments, Call It ‘Progress’

By on 11.17.10 | 4:58AM

President Obama has claimed that one way he'll pay for his new health-care program is by eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in existing programs. Unfortunately for Hope and Change, tucked away in the sixth paragraph of a press release from the Office of Management and Budget is the admission that "improper payments" -- federal money paid to the wrong people, whether through fraud or error -- actually increased last year:

Now, because many of the targeted programs - such as Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid - are paying out more benefits as the economic downturn creates more demand for these benefits, the total number paid out in improper payments increased to $125 billion last fiscal year even though the overall error rate declined. This is an unfortunate result of the recession and of basic math: the more that is paid out, the more paid out in error even if the overall rate declines.

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The Nation's Pulse

Clunk for Cashers

By 9.4.09

Obama government has had its chance to show its skills -- which prove to be nonexistent.
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Government Logic

By on 7.31.09 | 9:53AM

As has been reported widely, the "we'll pay you cash money for your still-running and useful car" program has already run out of funds.
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Political Hay

Sloppy Senates

By 7.20.09

The antics of New York's state senators have some people wondering if the Empire State would be better off without them.
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Don’t Wait for the State

By on 4.10.09 | 12:29PM

How long did it take Kauai residents to fix a damaged access road to a state park, which would have taken government an estimated $4 million and at least two years?
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Special Report

The Bigger Dig

By 2.13.09

Lessons on expanding infrastructure projects from the state of Massachusetts.
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The Obama Watch

Good Morning, Suckers

By 1.28.09

Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats are playing the voters for fools with the so-called stimulus package. Let us count the ways, and the shameless pork, payoffs, and waste.
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