Government Spending

A Further Perspective

Tax Freedom Day: Real or Imagined?

By 4.8.10

As government debt spirals out of control, the sky is the limit when it comes to future taxes owed.

Political Hay

John Ashcroft’s Coefficient of Unity

By 2.26.10

The GOP's focus must be on spending.

Streetcar Line

Celebrating Limits

By 11.5.09

Support for smaller government is a mainstream position.

The Public Policy

Yes, Virginia Foxx

By and 11.5.09

To control government's cost, we first need to know what it is.

The Government Can

By on 8.29.09 | 7:36AM

Here's a Saturday morning funny from hilarious comedian Tim Hawkins.

Cost of Government Day: VATs and Other Bad Ideas

By on 8.12.09 | 5:48PM

Today is Cost of Government Day--the day that you stop working to pay for the total cost of government (spending plus regulation).  To state the obvious, it's August.  The latest this day ever used to come was mid-July.  In fact, the day has advanced by nearly a month since last year, thanks to TARP and stimulus (not to mention shrinking national income).

I spoke at the event wearing my hat as Executive Director of, a free market group which works on investor class issues.  I decided to highlight the international angle in the report.

There are two inter-related appendices in the report.  One is on the issue of worldwide taxation with deferral, and the other is on a value-added tax (VAT).  On deferral, it's pretty clear where Obama, Rangel, et al want to go.  They would like to see all worldwide income of U.S. companies taxed immediately by the IRS, and probably without a foreign tax credit.  Each of these would add a full day to the Cost of Government.

The Obama Watch


By 7.15.09

Next year's elections are going to produce a political earthquake.

The Recession Spectator

The Receding Economy, Surging Spending

By 7.8.09

The federal government now consumes more than America produced just a generation ago.

The Obama Watch

Washington’s Plot to Explode Your Taxes

By 6.24.09

How else will the Obama plan meet its goal of total social and economic transformation?

Political Hay

Spending at All Costs

By 6.11.09

Harold Meyerson continues to live in his own lefty La-La Land.