Who Are the Best and Worst Tech Company Climate Change Fighters?

By on 4.22.11 | 9:16AM

It depends on which environoia group you ask, as I explain at the National and Legal Policy Center blog.

Computer Cloud Illusions

By on 3.31.10 | 7:00AM

Looks like Greenpeace finally got off their greenhouse gas kick and has realized that clouds have as much to do with climate changes as anything else.

Google’s Hard Line on Free Speech Violations in China

By on 1.12.10 | 5:51PM

Today Google announced on its blog that it had been the target of a China-based cyberattack in mid-December. David Drummond, a senior vice president of the firm, wrote the hackers succeeded in stealing some intellectual property seemed to be aimed at accessing the GMail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. The unwritten assertion is that the Chinese government backed the attack in some way. Google is responding by refusing to continue censoring search results in China and preparing to cease operations in China entirely if necessary to maintain that policy: