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George Will Meets the Clerisy Media

By 6.24.14

The Clerisy Media strikes again. This time the target is longtime conservative columnist George Will, who was dispatched by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch over a column on rape. But before that? The Los Angeles Times refused to publish letters to the editor from what the paper called “climate change deniers.” The Arizona Daily Sun has done the same.

A while back it was National Public Radio firing Juan Williams for comments made on Fox News about Muslims.

Cuttin’ Christie: Skeptic or Alarmist?

By on 4.22.10 | 4:23PM

George Will has a great column today about how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is making budget-cutting decisions that are drawing a lot of heat from government employee unions.

Another Perspective

Afghanistan RX: Courage Pills

By 9.25.09

Skittishness will get our president nowhere.