George W. Bush


Chastened by Iraq

By From the November 2013 issue

THE ODDS IN September were in Bill Kristol’s favor. Bashar al-Assad’s army had been caught using sarin gas, the president was beating the war drums, and Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard and an accomplished foreign policy percussionist himself, was optimistic that an American intervention in Syria was coming. Asked on CNN about opposition from congressional Republicans, particularly that of Sen. Rand Paul, Kristol was dismissive. “There are really five senators who are with Rand Paul. There are maybe 30 or 50 House Republicans,” he said. Kristol later warned that Republican lawmakers who voted for intervention might face some blowback from their base, but that ultimately, “Republican primary voters are a pretty hawkish bunch.”

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Why Extend All the Bush Tax Cuts?

By on 11.23.10 | 11:03AM

This clever video from SpenceTF Productions, created for the Commonwealth Foundation's "Please No More Taxes" contest, provides an excellent illustration:

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The Climate-Safety Nexus on Coal

By on 4.7.10 | 9:39AM

Phil provided a nice reminder yesterday of how the Left tried to score political points against the Bush administration in 2006 after the Sago Mine disaster.
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Andrew Sullivan’s Island

By 2.12.10

The daily rantings of President Obama's favorite blogger are philosophically incoherent, intellectually lazy, and increasingly insane.
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