George Soros

Key Soros Ally Provides Race-Rhetoric Training Session for House Democrats

By on 5.13.12 | 9:32AM

A non-profit organization that provided training last week to House Democrats, portraying Republican opponents as racially motivated, has received significant funding from foundations linked to controversial left-wing multibillionaire George Soros.

Soros’s Open Society Institute has given $75,000 to the Center for Social Inclusion, which has also received more than $850,000 from the Soros-connected Tides Foundation/Tides Center since 2005, according to documents obtained by The American Spectator.

In a training session for House Democrats and their congressional staffers last week, Center for Social Inclusion founder and president Maya Wiley described “conservative messages” as being “racially coded,” and suggested that Democrats “raise racial disparities” in public policy discussions, Joel Gerhke of the Washington Examiner reported.

Sources of the Warmabomber’s Bright Ideas

By on 9.2.10 | 10:20AM

Where in the world would James Jay Lee, the Global Warmabomber, have gotten the radical idea that humans must be reduced, if not eradicated, to accomplish environmental goals?

Political Hay

Soros Show Trials

By 4.28.09

Guess who's behind the so-called Commission on Accountability that is out to punish the architects of the War on Terror?