General Motors

The Truth About Corporate Greenies

By on 6.7.11 | 3:27PM

Two corporate titans who unabashedly promote their environmentalist credibility, General Motors (Chevy Volt) and Wal-Mart (corporate sustainability), were in the news last week. Over at the National Legal and Policy Center blog today I explain how GM is involved in what looks like carbon offset fakery and how the largest retailer in the world allegedly got set on its "Green"-ways by a professional river guide. Eight straight quarters of same-store sales declines don't help the enviros' case that sustainable = profitable.

And Think Progress is Proud of this Video

By on 8.17.10 | 11:13AM

Michigan Gov. Jennifer "Stay the Course" Granholm recently said Rush Limbaugh was unpatriotic because of things he said about the $41,000 "green" jobbin' Chevy Volt.

Car Guy

Government Could Save Detroit

By 9.3.09

It's just a matter of lifting a lot of regulatory deadweight.

Car Guy

GM’s $4,000 Car We Won’t Get

By 8.20.09

But we'll pay to help it capture the foreign market.

Car Guy

Volt Sticker Shock

By 8.17.09

Maybe GM should call its new Wunderwagen the Jolt.

Protectionist Alert — Sorta

By on 7.10.09 | 12:36PM

Guv'mint Motors (as they pronounce it here in the South), which today is pretending along with the Feds that it is emerging from bankruptcy (if it really was, why does the government need to own 60 percent of it?), is now seeking permission from the court to break its contract with a U.S.-based precious metals mining company so it can instead purchase from foreign ones.

Another Perspective

Are There Obamashares in Your Future?

By 6.18.09

To Sen. Lamar Alexander, "taxpayer-owned" sounds better than "government-owned."

Car Guy

Don’t Know Much About Car Story

By 6.17.09

GM's new honchos pride themselves on being clueless about their own products.

Car Guy

Killing Off Performance Cars

By 5.29.09

By next week, we'll learn more about GM's hideous bankruptcy "restructuring" plan.

Car Guy

Outsourcing the Bailout

By 5.15.09

GM to "restructure" overseas -- using taxpayer dollars.