Gay Marriage

A Further Perspective

AMA: Marriage Is the Cure

By 11.18.09

But only in the case of gay marriage.

The Nation's Pulse

Divisive Unanimity

By 11.6.09

Same-sex marriage may be 0-31, but according to the media the public is divided.

Notre Dame Can’t Stay Out of the News

By on 10.16.09 | 12:40PM

Some Notre Dame alumni, faculty, and students are again irate at the administration, this time for sponsoring the Progressive Student Alliance's participation in last week's gay pride march/protest here in D.C.

I wasn't going to comment on it because it seems like inside baseball and not a big deal. But today the Washington Times reported on the incident:

Five students belonging to the school's Progressive Student Alliance were given an undetermined amount from the university's student activities fund - from fees assessed to students - to drive to Washington, bunk with friends and participate in the National Equality March last Sunday. Thousands of participants marched from the White House to the Capitol to support gay rights.



Bill Clinton ACTS UP

By 7.17.09

"Yeah," he supports gay marriage, foreshadowing Obama's eventual position.

The Obama Watch

Hard Knox

By 7.9.09

A convenient embarrassment to the Obama administration.

The Marital Spectator

D.C. Voting Rights

By 6.30.09

In a battle between civil-rights bureaucrats and black churches, D.C. residents seek a vote on same-sex marriage.

The Obama Watch

Fiends With Benefits

By 6.19.09

In another distressing example of heterophobia, Obama's gift to gay activists this week excludes opposite-sex sinners.

The Marital Spectator

Here Come the Churches

By 6.5.09

Is acceptance of same-sex unions inevitable in Mainline Protestantism?

Political Hay

Seesawing Same-Sex Marriage

By 6.4.09

What outcome of the marriage debate is inevitable? Maine and New Hampshire may show the way.