Put Up a ‘For Sale’ Sign on Federal Lands

By on 3.17.11 | 12:03PM

Several stories today worth comparing -- the first a commentary by Washington Examiner editorial page editor Mark Tapscott, in which he sets the record straight on the availability of federal lands for oil and gas exploration:

Based on government data...Ninety four percent of federal onshore lands are off-limits to oil and gas exploration, while 97 percent of offshore federal lands are off-limits.

So virtually all of the public lands now owned by the American people but controlled by the federal government isn't even eligible to be placed on the auction block for bidding by U.S. companies for energy exploration rights leasing.

Who benefits from this lockup of virtually all of America's public lands from American energy companies? Well, here are the top beneficiaries:

* National Iranian Oil Company

* Saudi Arabian Oil Company

* Iraq National Oil Company

* Qatar General Petroleum Corporation

* Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (UAE)