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Judge Erupts Over Obama Stonewalling in Breitbart Lawsuit

By on 2.21.14 | 7:33AM

The "most transparent administration in history" was chewed out in federal court Thursday by a judge angry that the government is withholding documents relevant to a lawsuit involving the late Andrew Breitbart.

"You sit right down," U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon told Justice Department lawyer David Glass during Thursday's hearing in the defamation lawsuit that former Department of Agriculture of employee Shirley Sherrod filed against Breitbart in 2011. Glass had tried to argue that the documents requested by lawyers for both sides in the case were not relevant to the suit and even hinted that President Obama might claim executive privilege to keep the documents secret.

Writer’s Bloc

By on 1.14.14 | 5:37PM

If you can't trust the Russian government, who can you trust? This must be the question running through the mind of David Satter, a longtime journalist who now posesses the dubious and unfortunate distinction of being the first American scribe denied entry to the land of nesting dolls and Ivan Drago since the fall of the Soviet Union. The journalist has been barred from visiting Russia for at least the next five years.