Hijacking Evangelicalism to Push the ‘Green’ Agenda

By on 5.20.11 | 11:23AM

Back in 2006 a few environmentalists produced the Evangelical Climate Initiative, which with the help of the media, portrayed the mainstream of Evangelicalism as onboard with global warming alarmism. It was a wholeheartedly deceptive document, with the names of about 190 Christian leaders -- mostly proponents of a liberal "social gospel" message rather than a literal interpretation of the Bible -- collected secretly as signatories, without consultation from what most people properly recognize as conservative mainstream of Evangelicalism. I wrote about the effort at the time for American Spectator Online.

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What Does the Bible Say About Global Warming?

By on 5.20.10 | 2:24PM

Answer: Nothing, as theologian Cal Beisner explained on Tuesday at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change, hosted by the Heartland Institute. 
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Social Justice and Detroit’s Decay

By on 3.31.10 | 10:39AM

Marvin Olasky today discusses the debate on "social justice" between Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis, and relates his personal experience with the Leftist evangelist.
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The Nation's Pulse

Evangelicals and Immigration

By 10.21.09

The National Association of Evangelicals moves in the direction of the National Council of Churches.
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A Turner Classic

By 7.23.09

Richard Cizik, now in the employ of Ted Turner's UN Foundation, dutifully advocates for "new" (i.e. liberal) evangelicals.
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