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#COP21: We’ll Always Have Paris, Unfortunately

By 12.2.15

Paris is lovely in the autumn.

According to the attendees of the Conference of Parties, 21, however, by this time next year, Paris — along with every other major city — could be an abandoned ruin, smothered in smog, with lava floes running through the streets, burning out only where they meet the melted ice caps. Humans will have long since adapted to living at the poles, sunning themselves in the ozone hole, feasting off the last remains of polar bears, and bemoaning that moment when they failed to take notice of a five-day, five-star, 575-million-pounds-of-CO2 gathering of world leaders and “climate activists” that was meant to save us all. 

Californians Won’t Have Water to Wash Their Mandatory Reusable Grocery Bags

By on 10.14.14 | 4:10PM

California recently passed a ban on those plastic bags they give you at the grocery store to hold all the food you buy. Obviously, those bags, which are recyclable, reusable and generate 80% less waste than paper, are damaging the environment, so California is now mandating that you bring your own reusable grocery bags to the store with you (or buy them there). 

Opponents of the bag ban have begun a referendum push, but they need over 500,000 signatures from residents to qualify for the statewide ballot, and so far, that's been an uphill challenge, though they maintain the majority of clear-thinking California voters are on their side (though there may not be that many clear-thinking California voters).

Opponents of California’s newly-signed ban on single-use plastic bags have been cleared to begin collecting signatures for a referendum, state elections officials said Friday.

Had to Be Koch Money, For Christie’s Sake

By on 9.8.11 | 10:33AM

The amazing Koch brothers have done it again! The hypnotic trance that their money causes the conservative masses to fall under works every time, as the Soros Left loves to explain (and what a surprise -- the New York Times is one of Mother Jones's big advertisers).

This time their dazzling dollars captivated New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who of course has no backbone without the massive financial reinforcements, which Associated Press says drove him to remove the Garden State from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:

The Truth About Corporate Greenies

By on 6.7.11 | 3:27PM

Two corporate titans who unabashedly promote their environmentalist credibility, General Motors (Chevy Volt) and Wal-Mart (corporate sustainability), were in the news last week. Over at the National Legal and Policy Center blog today I explain how GM is involved in what looks like carbon offset fakery and how the largest retailer in the world allegedly got set on its "Green"-ways by a professional river guide. Eight straight quarters of same-store sales declines don't help the enviros' case that sustainable = profitable.

Hijacking Evangelicalism to Push the ‘Green’ Agenda

By on 5.20.11 | 11:23AM

Back in 2006 a few environmentalists produced the Evangelical Climate Initiative, which with the help of the media, portrayed the mainstream of Evangelicalism as onboard with global warming alarmism. It was a wholeheartedly deceptive document, with the names of about 190 Christian leaders -- mostly proponents of a liberal "social gospel" message rather than a literal interpretation of the Bible -- collected secretly as signatories, without consultation from what most people properly recognize as conservative mainstream of Evangelicalism. I wrote about the effort at the time for American Spectator Online.

Those Cowardly, Propagandistic Greens

By on 5.18.11 | 12:59PM

Last week John Stossel dedicated his program to the energy issue and specifically the natural gas boom, much of which has opened up exploration of the massive Marcellus Shale deposits in Pennsylvania. Environmental groups and a filmmaker -- Josh Fox, who directed the Oscar-nominated "Gasland" -- have raised false claims about alleged dangers of hydrofracturing ("fracking") of underground rock by exploration companies to access the gas. But when Stossel invited them on his show to discuss their allegations, they refused.

Instead, Commonwealth Foundation president Matthew Brouillette and former PA Department of Environmental Protection head John Hanger (who founded the largest state environmental group, PennFuture) appeared with Stossel. Given Hanger's views that gas fracking is largely safe and his enviro-cred, the alarmist Greens' fraudulent claims were seriously discredited.

It’s Not Just That ‘Green’ is Too Expensive

By on 4.22.11 | 1:50PM

The New York Times reports today that manufacturers of eco-friendly products have seen their sales decline compared to the products that environoiacs would like to carry mandatory skull-and-crossbones warning labels. The newspaper blames the difficult economy for consumers' avoidance of "Green" products. For example:

Sales of Green Works have fallen to about $60 million a year, and those of other similar products from major brands like Arm & Hammer, Windex, Palmolive, Hefty and Scrubbing Bubbles are sputtering. "Every consumer says, ‘I want to help the environment, I'm looking for eco-friendly products,' " said David Donnan, a partner in the consumer products practice at the consulting firm A. T. Kearney. "But if it's one or two pennies higher in price, they're not going to buy it. There is a discrepancy between what people say and what they do."

Bird Brains and Others Defend Michael Mann

By on 4.15.11 | 2:30PM

Yesterday a dozen liberal and academic (but I repeat myself) groups rose in defense of Penn State Climategate scientist Michael Mann, making up reasons such as "academic freedom" to deny American Tradition Institute's request for Mann's emails and records from the University of Virginia, his previous employer. ATI, where I am executive director, is asking for similar records that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has asked for under the state's Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, but has been denied so far by the university and lower courts.

Feeling Sorry for Big Green

By on 3.31.11 | 5:15PM

Politico reported yesterday that "it's not easy being green anymore" and whined, "It's no secret environmentalists are outgunned when it comes to cash," as though they are hopelessly losing every political battle. I partially (I say "partially" because there is so much more that can and has been written) debunk that myth over at the National Legal & Policy Center blog today.