Political Hay

John Ashcroft’s Coefficient of Unity

By 2.26.10

The GOP's focus must be on spending.

The Obama Watch

Pinko Economics Delivers More Red Ink

By 2.8.10

Fiscal insanity never had it so good.

The Public Policy

Buttered Guns

By 1.29.10

"The fatal arithmetic of imperial decline."

The Public Policy

It Will All Come to Tears

By 10.21.09

GAO tells it like it is.

The Nation's Pulse

Indentured Grandchildren

By 8.26.09

Federal debt as far as the eye can see -- and for as long as anyone can see.

The Public Policy

Please Don’t Tell Obama What Comes After a Trillion!

By 7.14.09

Pretty funny, but what about the Debt Tsunami?

The Obama Watch

Washington’s Plot to Explode Your Taxes

By 6.24.09

How else will the Obama plan meet its goal of total social and economic transformation?

The Nation's Pulse

The Fundamentals Still Suck

By 5.4.09

"Consumer confidence" won't fix the capital shortage.

Special Report

It’s A Raid!

By 10.24.08

How Barack Obama will shortchange the Social Security system.

Tax Cuts or Welfare?

By on 10.23.08 | 12:06PM

Many conservative critics of Obama's tax plan, including yours truly, have objected that Obama has characterized as tax cuts what really amount to subsidies for non-taxpayers. But a few free-market types, most notably Ramesh Ponnuru and Dave Weigel, have pushed back against this. They both point out, correctly, that McCain also supports refundable tax credits in some instances -- that is, the extension of tax benefits to people with little or no income tax liability. Ponnuru also observes that most of these workers do pay payroll taxes even if they don't pay income taxes,