Election 2010

More Trouble for Blue Dog Democrat John Barrow

By on 4.11.10 | 3:10AM

NEW ORLEANS -- For the past three days at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference here, I've been shadowing Ray McKinney, a Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia's 12th District. Just past midnight, the campaign staff exchanged high fives when they saw an online story from Larry Peterson of the Savannah Morning News:

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U.S. House Cleaning

By 3.11.10

Bonded term limits — a new way to throw the bums out.

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Scott Brown’s Reinforcements

By 3.9.10

Could another Massachusetts Republican be headed to Washington?

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Year of the Challengers

By 2.19.10

CPAC swarms with Republican candidates this year.

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Great Scott

By 2.18.10

A conservative opportunity in Colorado, where Scott McInnis is well positioned to win the open gubernatorial seat.

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Contract Renewal

By 2.17.10

From the matchless Newt Gingrich, a Contract With America for 2010.

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Twilight of the Blue Dogs?

By 2.2.10

Two Republican challengers to blue-dog Democrat Rep. Larry Kissell are certain that Kissell's opposition to Obamacare won't be enough to save him.

A Further Perspective

Teachers Union Spending Spree

By 1.29.10

The worse the Democrats' political prospects, the better the teachers' unions are treated.

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Not So Fast, Karl Rove!

By and 1.25.10

First of all, ambitious Republicans should set their sights on state and local races.

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The War of the Presidents: Reagan Battles Obama in 2010

By 1.5.10

Reagan conservatism takes on Obama progressivism as voters flee to followers of late president.