Election 2010

Does the GOP Establishment Really Want to Win?

By on 9.20.10 | 6:11AM

Karl Rove's now-infamous disparagement of Christine O'Donnell has provoked one Republican congressional candidate to go public with her criticisms of GOP leadership.

Mattie Fein, who won a three-way primary and is challenging Democrat Rep. Jane Harman in California's 36th District, says she has been "snubbed" by National Republican Congressional Committee staff.

Fein wrote that when she interviewed with the NRCC's recruitment chief, Rep. Kevin McCarthy "my marriages and status as a single mother were a focal point" of the questions. She said many Republican officials have not returned her calls nor have they assisted with gaining endorsement. Her requests for NRCC research assistance "have gone unanswered," she said, adding: "I know for a fact that other congressional candidates near my district have received the same snub."

Alaska Libertarians Courted in GOP Senate Fight

By on 8.27.10 | 3:03AM

Alaska's Libertarian Party suddenly finds itself in the news -- and the object of political courtship -- as a result of Joe Miller's apparent upset of Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Tuesday's GOP Senate primary.

Under Alaska law, if Murkowksi is defeated in the Republican primary, her only other option to be on the Nov. 2 ballot would be for her to obtain the nomination of another party. Murkowski's supporters are trying to persuade LP Senate candidate Frederick "Dave" Haase to consider stepping aside so that she could run on the Libertarian ticket -- a move that Haase and state LP officials have so far refused to rule out.

In a telephone interview late Thursday, one LP source in Anchorage told me that although Haase has expressed admiration for Murkowski, he's also a "huge fan of Sarah Palin."

Alaska: Sen. Murkowski Trails Palin-Backed Challenger Miller

By on 8.25.10 | 5:57AM

When Alaska officials stopped counting ballots at 12:30 a.m. Anchorage time (4:30 a.m ET), 77% of the state's precincts had reported, and Republican primary challenger Joe Miller led by nearly 3,000 votes over incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The New York Times, Roll Call and Anchorage Daily News reported this result cautiously -- Murkowski was "imperiled" and "battling for her political life," etc. -- but with Miller at nearly 52% of the vote, it appears evident that the challenger has won an upset.

Illinois Democrat Shuts Down Questions at Town Hall Meeting

By on 8.16.10 | 11:39AM

A video posted at Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit blog shows Illinois Rep. Melissa Bean using a muscular security guard to squelch unwelcome questions at a town hall meeting.

The meeting was held Thursday at the public library in Round Lake, Illl. While captions in the video label the security guard "Bean's thug," one Illinois source said Monday that the man is actually employed by the library. The video also shows an aide to the Democrat congresswoman asking a constituent at the meeting to stop recording.

Illinois' 8th District, running from the northern suburbs of Chicago up to the Wisconsin border, was held by Republican Phil Crane until 2004, and Bush carried the district with 55% of the vote in 2004. Like many other vulnerable Democrats in this mid-term campaign, Bean has refused to debate her Republican challenger, Joe Walsh.

Write-In Candidate Could Spell Trouble for Georgia Democrat

By on 8.13.10 | 7:39PM

A write-in challenge could endanger "Blue Dog" Democrat Rep. John Barrow's prospects of re-election in Georgia's 12th District, David Weigel reports:

On Monday, former State Senator Regina Thomas will file papers to run as an official write-in candidate against Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.), a more conservative Democrat who beat her in the 2008 and 2010 primaries. Official status will allow votes for her to be counted as she runs a regular campaign. Barrow is white, Thomas is black, but Barrow has been successful up to now in winning enough black votes to fend off his challenger.

Reporter: ‘We’re Not Interested’ in Jane Harman’s GOP Challenger

By on 8.13.10 | 2:44PM

LOS ANGELES -- When a Republican consultant tried to interest a reporter for the Torrance (Calif.) Daily Breeze in GOP challenger Mattie Fein's response to a story about Rep. Jane Harman, the reporter's reply was blunt:

"Don't call or e-mail us - we'll call you if we're interested. And if you haven't got it yet, we're not interested."

Amy Miller of Red State says: "If this surprises you, you are not paying attention."

Obama Tries to Save Sen. Bennet in Colorado Primary

By on 8.4.10 | 7:28AM

In a year where the insurgents-versus-establishment theme has played out repeatedly in Republican primaries, Democrats have their own insurgency in Colorado. Former state legislator Andrew Romanoff has  mounted a strong primary challenge to Sen. Michael Bennet, who was hand-picked to fill the seat vacated when Obama tapped Sen. Ken Salazar as his Secretary of the Interior. The mostly mail-in primary concludes next Tuesday, and a recent poll showed Romanoff surging. 

President Obama has already headlined one event in Denver for Bennet, and last night called into a "tele-town hall" conference call that reportedly reached more than 20,000 Colorado Democrats:

Delaware’s Endangered RINO

By on 7.20.10 | 9:33PM

For months, supporters of conservative Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell have been hearing the same argument from the Delaware GOP establishment: "Well, sure, she's a good conservative, but Mike Castle can win."

Castle's 2007-08 ratings (20 and 28, respectively) by the American Conservative Union marked him as one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress. His establishment backers have argued that the best Republicans can hope for in Delaware is to elect a RINO whose voting record makes Charlie Crist look like a raging right-winger. As one O'Donnell supporter told me, "Castle is Delaware's answer to Dede Scozzafava," referring to the liberal GOP candidate who quit last year's 23rd District special election campaign in New York and endorsed the Democrat.