Election 2010

Another Sign of the Coming Democrat Meltdown?

By on 10.28.10 | 1:59PM

The district hasn't been polled since June, so who knew what movement there's been since, but today the Civitas Institute (a conservative North Carolina think tank that does respected polling) announced a survey in which Democrat incumbent Rep. Bob "Who Are You?" Etheridge trails GOP challenger Renee Ellmers:

According to the poll of 400 registered voters in North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District, Ellmers leads Etheridge 46 percent to 41 percent. Libertarian candidate Tom Rose garners 6 percent of the vote while 7 percent of voters are undecided.

Among voters who say they are definitely voting this year, Ellmers' lead grows to 49 percent to 40 percent....

Ellmers is able to build a lead due to strength among unaffiliated voters who are supporting her by a 52-19 margin. Etheridge is also losing 20 percent of his Democratic base vote to Ellmers.

Fat Chance, But…

By on 10.28.10 | 1:40PM

Politics Daily reports that North Carolina Democrat Rep. Heath Shuler says he may run for Speaker against Nancy Pelosi if his party keeps control of the House. The disclosure came in his debate with Republican opponent Jeff Miller:

During the debate, Shuler said, "If there is no viable alternative [to Pelosi], I will be running for speaker of the house."

Later, Miller pressed the congressman for details. "You're saying you would not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker?" Miller said.

"If that's the alternative, I will be voting for myself," Shuler answered.

"If she's there, you wouldn't vote for her? You'd vote for yourself?" Miller clarified.

Shuler replied, "I don't know how I can be any clearer. I can do as good a job as anybody in the U.S. Congress, because I can actually bring people together."

New Video Shows MoveOn.org Activist Lunging at Rand Paul’s Vehicle

By on 10.27.10 | 7:42PM

In my column this morning about Monday's stomping incident in Kentucky, I said "the whole story of this incident has not yet been told." A bit more of the story came out today when Red State posted video that shows what happened before the now-notorious stomping. The video shows MoveOn.org activist Lauren Valle lunging toward Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul's vehicle, thrusting her sign through the vehicle's open window.

Red State is quick to say, "You don't stomp on a person's head." Indeed. But as Red State also says, "the idea that Valle was the victim of an angry mob . . . is demonstrably false. . . . She claims to have been an innocent bystander. She clearly was not."

Legislator Gone Wild

By on 10.27.10 | 2:15PM

I know the main focus at AmSpecBlog is on federal offices and the races to get to DC, but it's always worthwhile to highlight elected officials' unhinged behavior, regardless of where they serve. So today I bring you Washington State Democrat Rep. Geoff Simpson, who did not like an inquiry made by Evergreen Freedom Foundation (a conservative/libertarian think tank) reporter Scott St. Clair, about his ties and campaign contributions from a particular public employees' union:

A Dem Running on Health Care

By on 10.27.10 | 1:24PM

While most Democrats are running away from their votes in support of Obamacare, Rep. Bob "Who Are You" Etheridge last week produced an advertisement that attacks his challenger, Palin-endorsed Renee Ellmers, on the health care issue:

On Friday Ellmers responded with this video clip from her debate with Etheridge, in which he avoids her question about the government takeover of health care:

John Bolton Supporting GOP’s Mattie Fein vs. Jane Harman

By on 10.25.10 | 11:28PM

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton will campaign Tuesday for GOP congressional candidate Mattie Fein, who is challenging Democrat Rep. Jane Harman in California's 36th District.

Speaking at a breakfast event at the Proud Bird restaurant in Los Angeles and a VIP fundraising luncheon at the Drago restaurant in Santa Monica, Bolton is expected to hit Harman's record on national security and foreign policy.

"I am privileged and honored by the support of Ambassador John Bolton, a Mount Rushmore giant in the field of national security," Fein said in a statement.

The Republican candidate, who has been critical of GOP leadership for their unwillingness to support her challenge to Harman, added: "Ambassador Bolton has shown he's a man interested in putting our national security first and not throwing  my candidacy under the bus just to receive front row tickets at Harman's Shakespeare Theatre as other Republicans have done."

Kentucky Scandal: Did Democrat Conway Tip His Brother About Drug Probe?

By on 10.23.10 | 5:24PM

The Senate race in Kentucky has been rocked by revelations that Democrat state attorney general Jack Conway's brother was the target of a drug investigation -- but no charges were filed against Matt Conway, and two Louisville detectives have been placed on leave after being accused of leaking information about the investigation:

After a criminal investigation by police, the Jefferson County Attorney's Office decided in August that no charges would be filed against Conway, [Detective Ronald] Russ, [Detective Scott] Wilson or a third narcotics detective, Chauncey Carthan, who was not involved in the leaks but was overheard discussing the second investigation in a restaurant last March.

Carthan's conversation was reported to Jack Conway, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, by a person supporting him. The brothers subsequently conferred with an attorney about the investigation of Matthew Conway, according to the investigative file.

NY-25: Buerkle Pushes Back Against Maffei Attack Ads

By on 10.18.10 | 2:23PM

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Republican congressional candidate Ann Marie Buerkle today rebutted attack ads from Democrat incumbent Rep. Dan Maffei that accused Buerkle of being delinquent on property taxes.

"I've spent the past several weeks suffering from the negative ads of my opponent," Buerkle said at a press conference in front of a small shopping center she owns in the Syracuse suburbe of Camillus. "[Maffei] has made these allegations that I am delinquent in my taxes, instead of stating the truth, which is that we have a payment plan for the tenants who are in this plaza."

Buerkle has explained that she has a "triple-net lease agreement with her tenants whereby they are responsible for the property taxes." When her tenants fell behind on their taxes in January 2010, she "was faced with the choice of evicting them or covering their taxes. She contacted the County and worked out a formal signed and notarized payment plan with them. Monthly installment payments are made to the County."

Pelosi: Raising Money for Democrats More Important Than Voters in San Francisco

By on 10.15.10 | 9:02PM

Explaining why she has refused to debate her Republican challenger, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that raising money for Democratic candidates "across the country" is a higher priority for her."

A video posted at Republican John Dennis's Web site, shows Pelosi being asked, ""Would you be open to debating your Republican opponent John Dennis in San Francisco?"

Pelso reponds: "Let me tell you what my priorities are. My priorities are to elect a Democratic Congress. In order to do that, it is essential for me - time is money for me. [Traveling] around this country, to amass the resources to put my candidates on TV. Whether I get a bigger majority or not in my district is not the point."

Dennis first requested a debate with Pelosi a month ago, and recorded a humorous video about her refusal to debate: