Election 2010

Re: Senate Frustrations

By on 11.3.10 | 1:28PM

Quin, I think part of the solution to Dems who "are better at 'finding' votes than the Repubs are" is to get rid of early voting. It is public sector employees -- that is, unions -- who are the keepers of ballots for long periods of time, which presents more opportunities to "find" votes. Or lose others.' Early voting was a Democrat initiative, and it has worked like a charm for them.

Re: Dems Who Voted ‘No’ on Obamacare Did Better

By on 11.3.10 | 12:04PM

The experience with North Carolina's four vulnerable Democrat congressmen backs up Phil's point, as my former John Locke Foundation boss John Hood explains:

President Obama has been a disaster for his party. In North Carolina, the vulnerable Democrats who voted against ObamaCare and other administration policies (cap and trade also) - Mike McIntyre, Larry Kissell, and Heath Shuler - won reelection. The vulnerable Democrat who voted for ObamaCare, (Bob) Etheridge, was defeated. Pretty clear message there.

And before the election, if you had asked anyone knowledgeable about North Carolina politics which of those four they thought was safest, they would have answered "Etheridge." But he's the only one of the four who is gone.

The Implications for Redistricting

By on 11.3.10 | 11:28AM

From the National Conference of State Legislatures:

Republicans made huge gains in state legislative races and are at their highest point since 1928.

The Alabama House and Senate, Indiana House, Iowa House, Maine House and Senate, Michigan House, Minnesota House and Senate, Montana House, New Hampshire House and Senate, North Carolina House and Senate, Ohio House--a big redistricting win--the Pennsylvania House, and the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate all have flipped from Democrat to Republican.

This is the first time in Alabama that Republicans have controlled the legislature since reconstruction. The North Carolina Senate has not been Republican since 1870. And Republicans have reportedly taken over 100 seats in the New Hampshire House. For the first time in history, the Minnesota Senate will be controlled by the GOP.

Make sure you check out the map NCSL has posted. It looks as red as the House and Governors maps now do.

Sabato: Huge GOP Night

By on 11.3.10 | 12:48AM

University of Virginia elections historian and expert Larry Sabato on Fox News:

"Republicans have gained substantially in every category."

What about Harry Reid?

"A party that wins, never wins them all."

Before night's over he thinks GOP will be Plus-60 in the House, Plus-7 or -8 in the Senate, Plus-10 or more in governorships, Plus-several state legislatures.

Beats 1946 and 1994 mid-terms in historic terms.

California Crass, Texas Class

By on 11.2.10 | 5:02PM

In a disappointing, undignified statement as he heads out of office, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't resist making a "nah-nah" political point while congratulating the San Francisco Giants on their World Series championship:

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers tonight, just like California voters are going to defeat the attempts of dirty Texas oil companies to undo our clean energy laws at the polls tomorrow.

Throughout the season and post-season, the Giants have shown remarkable determination and excellence. They have made this state proud and shown the world what we are capable of. I join all Californians in congratulating the entire Giants organization, coaching staff, players and fans on this much-deserved win.

Dems Double GOP 110-Year-Old Vote in NC

By on 11.2.10 | 10:40AM

With all the voter fraud stories last week, I don't know why this didn't get more attention (either that or there is a huge gap in my political news consumption habit) -- from the conservative Civitas Institute in Raleigh, NC:

So far in early voting 110 year olds have made a pretty good showing; 2214 of them have voted either by mail or at a one-stop site (214 by mail and 2,000 at early voting sites). There are 1,420 Democrats in this group, 717 Republicans and 77 Unaffiliated voters.

Nothing against very old voters, but it is funny that these 110 year olds live in only 34 counties and 87 percent of them live in 4 counties - Guilford has voted 681 of them so far, Forsyth - 581, Cumberland - 427 and Davidson voted 230.

So if you want to increase your odds of living (and voting) longer, move to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Rep. Ellison Takes Over Presser

By on 11.1.10 | 3:05PM

My friends at Minnesota Majority and other Tea Party and clean elections groups, who maybe more than others have great concern about the legitimacy of their voting rolls and processes, started a collaborative effort called "Election Integrity Watch" to investigate potential violations and to promote voter I.D. requirements in the state. One of their projects was to create an advertisement that informs citizens that voter fraud is a felony (with an image of two wrists in handcuffs, like you see in many ads that fight criminal activity), and gives a toll-free phone number to report suspected vote fraud. The poster also features an image of an eye, as in, "we are watching you," similar to the Neighborhood Watch anti-crime efforts.

New Election for Calif. Prop. 23?

By on 10.29.10 | 4:29PM

That's the talk, as hundreds of thousands of ballots in Fresno County contained illegal, politically-charged language describing the global warming act-postponing measure. The Sacramento Bee reports:

Ballots printed for the county's roughly 380,000 registered voters say Proposition 23 would suspend laws requiring "major polluters" to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That language was thrown out by a Sacramento superior court judge, who ordered several edits to the original language drafted by the attorney general's office, including changing "major polluters" to "major sources of emissions."

The Proposition 23 campaign has demanded that the county "take immediate steps to reprint the ballots remaining to be sent to vote by mail voters as well as ballots to be distributed on election day."

Counting the Drapes and Measuring the Chickens

By on 10.29.10 | 3:32PM

UptonJumping the gun a bit before the election returns are in, Politico profiles Michigan Rep. Fred Upton as he "measures the drapes" to take over the House Energy and Commerce Committee, if Texas Rep. Joe Barton cannot get a waiver from GOP leadership to continue as the top Republican on the committee. It sounds like there will be a competition between the two, with Politico reporting that Upton is sharpening his conservative credentials: