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Barack the Government Slayer

By 10.17.08

Don't believe it -- or the conventional wisdom about tax cuts.

Re: Getting A Real Job

By on 10.16.08 | 5:57PM

I can understand the young lady's plight, JP. If someone as wealthy as Ludacris is really paying her way through college, she should be able to eat more than Ramen noodles. That's probably where she gets this idea that people making money don't help others out. On the other hand, if that's how this student intended to spell "ludicrous," then perhaps Charles Murray had a point in this Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Obama’s Imaginary Cuts

By on 10.16.08 | 8:32AM

Phil has an important piece on the main site this morning about Barack Obama's tax plan. If you live in a competitive state, you've no doubt seen all the ads about how Obama is offering a middle-class tax cut while John McCain is going to tax health benefits. According to at least one poll, this strategy is bearing fruit for Obama: by 51 percent to 46 percent, voters view McCain as more likely to raise taxes. Why McCain hasn't pushed back against this more forcefully, I'll never know. If he lets Obama get to his right on economics with imaginary tax and spending cuts, it will be the biggest missed opportunity of the entire campaign. In a campaign that has already seen too many missed opportunities.

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Goldman Sachs Government

By 10.16.08

Henry Paulson’s liberal bank is taking over.

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Obama’s Farrakhan Problem

By 10.16.08

It has not gone unnoticed that it was not until his presidential campaign that Obama first offered mild criticism of the Nation of Islam leader.

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Filibuster-Proof Franken

By 10.16.08

A Saturday Night Live Democrat stalks Norm Coleman in Minnesota.

Joe the Plumber

By on 10.16.08 | 1:22AM

Do you think he could beat Dickie Flatt in an election?

I wonder if this will end up like Obama's debates with Alan Keyes. Any intelligent observer would have to conclude Keyes had better arguments but Obama came across as the more likeable, reasonable guy swatting down his opponent's ideological objections. But McCain at least gave a strong performance.

Re: Stop Right There!

By on 10.16.08 | 12:45AM

I'm not even voting for McCain, so top that! Nor am I pulling a Christopher Buckley and voting for Obama. And I don't live in a red or purple state, so my vote is not the equivalent of a vote for Obama under any meaningful definition of that phrase.

UPDATE: How can you look at the subject line of this blog post without thinking of Meat Loaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"?

Republicans Pull Out of Louisiana

By on 10.15.08 | 4:22PM

Remember those Senate races I keep warning about? The Washington Post is reporting that the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee is pulling out of Louisiana, where Democrat-turned-Republican John Kennedy is facing off against perennially troubled incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu. That means the national GOP is writing off its last realistic pickup opportunity and is now completely playing defense in the race to keep the Democrats from winning a 60-seat majority. Have a nice day.

UPDATE: Just a couple days later, WaPo says the NRSCC is going back on the air after some "tightening" in their internals. Whether this is a head fake or the result of Kennedy really posting improved numbers, I don't know.

Tim Mahoney Rides Again

By on 10.15.08 | 12:18PM

Mark Foley's Democratic successor appears to have been involved in another affair. Is there something in the water in that Florida congressional district?