Election 2008

The Dubya Drag

By on 10.23.08 | 11:10AM

Stacy brings up an important point: President Bush has left many Senate Republicans between a rock and a hard place. Blue-state incumbents are getting hit by their Democratic challengers for voting with Bush on Iraq, health care, and the economy. Red-state incumbents are frequently in trouble with the conservative base for voting with Bush on amnesty and the bailout.

Streetcar Line

Picking the Lock in the Keystone State

By 10.23.08

Pennsylvania's promise for McCain.

Political Hay

Obama’s Phony Health Exception

By 10.23.08

The Democratic nominee's unhealthy support for abortion on demand.

The Current Crisis

The Shoddiest Coverage Ever

By 10.23.08

The mainstream moron media's indifference to the real stories of this campaign season is unprecedented.

The Nation's Pulse

Creepier and Creepier

By 10.23.08

Obama's followers are in for a big letdown.

Another Perspective

The Fire This Time

By 10.23.08

The liberal hate John McCain faces is nothing new -- look at what they did to his Senate predecessor, Barry Goldwater.

Special Report

ACORN’s Unlikely Allies

By 10.23.08

The Catholic bishops funded left-wingers for too long.

Political Hay

The Unholy Triumvirate

By 10.22.08

Will Obama, Pelosi, and Reid take their liberal revolution to its conclusion?

Buy the Book

Attention Sam’s Club Shoppers

By 10.22.08

The bible of spread-the-wealth conservatism.

Lifestyles Left and Right

Italian Food for Thought

By 10.22.08

Anti-American media bias is a global phenomenon.