Election 2008

Why MSM Continues to Tank

By on 10.27.08 | 1:02PM

It's been at least a half-day already with Drudge, bloggers, and talk radio highlighting the 2001 Chicago NPR interview with then-State legislator Barack Obama clearly laying out his socialism ideology, and still the major media outlets have no stories about it -- at least none that are in a high profile position on their Web sites.

Bill Weld, Obamacon

By on 10.24.08 | 12:48PM

Like an avowedly pro-choice version of Doug Kmiec, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld has gone from supporting Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries to Barack Obama in the general election. The Boston Globe item compares Weld to other Republicans jumping ship and notes Charles Krauthammer's disapproval. But former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson, also mentioned, was a classic liberal Republican, a Gopher State Nelson Rockefeller. His politics are probably to the left of Colin Powell's.

These Polls Can’t All Be Right

By on 10.23.08 | 1:02PM

Granted, polls are just a snapshot in time, subject to change, don't forget the margin of error and all the usual caveats. But McCain can't be surging to a tie nationally while also falling further behind in the battleground states. Mathematically, it just doesn't work. Somebody is wrong about which way the race is trending.

UPDATE: Nate Silver has some interesting analysis of this morning's battleground state polls that may help explain the discrepancy.

Tax Cuts or Welfare?

By on 10.23.08 | 12:06PM

Many conservative critics of Obama's tax plan, including yours truly, have objected that Obama has characterized as tax cuts what really amount to subsidies for non-taxpayers. But a few free-market types, most notably Ramesh Ponnuru and Dave Weigel, have pushed back against this. They both point out, correctly, that McCain also supports refundable tax credits in some instances -- that is, the extension of tax benefits to people with little or no income tax liability. Ponnuru also observes that most of these workers do pay payroll taxes even if they don't pay income taxes,