Election 2008

Northern Virginia is for Obama Lovers

By on 11.2.08 | 2:52PM

Obama supporters are out in full force in northern Virginia this weekend. I found a flier asking me to vote for Barack Obama and Mark Warner on the door of my Fairfax townhouse yesterday. Today, Arlington's streets are lined with sign-waving Obama fans. Drivers wave and honk as they pass by. "You guys don't have to worry about Arlington County," I said to one sign-waver as I walked by. "No," he replied. "It's all about getting out the vote."

There was even an Obama supporter outside St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Clarendon. I looked very closely and it was not Doug Kmiec.

The Least Compellingly Personal Event of the Year

By on 10.31.08 | 11:45AM

The Freakonomics guys try to keep their blog politics-free, so Justin Wolfers is forced to make his case against California's Prop. 8 subversively.

He masquerades his argument as a reflection on the wonder that his two gay friends' (partners of 18 years) wedding in California just prior to the election wound up a political event:

And so circumstances dictated that their love and their wedding, while being intensely personal, was also somehow public and political.

This reminds me of Bart Simpson walking towards Lisa saying, "on my way, I'm going to be doing this: [windmilling his arms]. If you get hit, it's your own fault."

And so circumstances dictated that Bart's walking and windmilling, while being intensely personal, was also somehow belligerent and aggressive.

Barone Says No Filibuster-Proof Senate

By on 10.30.08 | 6:45PM

At least not technically. Michael Barone predicts that the Democrats will end up with 58 Senate seats after next Tuesday's elections, though even that will probably be enough to stop most filibusters. (Remember that the safest Republican with a serious Democratic opponent is Susan Collins, who will be helpful on some filibusters but not many.) The only race where I disagree with him is Norm Coleman in Minnesota. I wouldn't guarantee a Coleman loss, but I think his chances are weaker than Gordon Smith's in Oregon.  So if I'm right and John Sununu doesn't pull off an upset, that would leave the Democrats at 59 seats and the Republicans in pretty much the same situation of occasional filibustering.

Shocking Sign Stealing

By on 10.30.08 | 8:42AM

A resident of liberal enclave Chapel Hill (John-Boy Edwards's home) found a way to keep his McCain/Palin signs from being stolen out of his yard -- at least temporarily.