Election 2008

Sports Arena

Redskinned Alive

By 11.10.08

Even the football gods wanted John McCain to lose.

Campaign Crawlers

The Campaign for Change Starts Now

By 11.6.08

Conservatives should have the audacity to keep hope alive.

Campaign Crawlers

Today’s Tip Sheet

By 11.4.08

What to expect on Election Day night.

Political Hay

Reagan and Us: The Conservative Fight Ahead

By 11.4.08

The coming liberal failure: times always change, principles endure forever.

Another Perspective

“Let This Guy Govern” Again

By 11.4.08

Just in case, a few rules for going into loyal opposition.

Special Report

ACORN Endorses Obama

By 11.4.08

The nonpartisan group that always seems to support Democrats.

The Nation's Pulse

Can America Come to Its Census?

By 11.4.08

Just in case this election has not been alarming enough.

TAS Live

The Inebriated Election of 1840

By 11.4.08

This year the heavy drinking may occur after the election. Not so back in the good old days.

Re: There’s Something Happening Here

By on 11.3.08 | 11:43AM

More than anything the news of recent days that went against Obama -- especially the "bankrupt the coal industry" remark -- illustrates the foolishness of early voting. Why would anyone who is on the fence (or is within 10 feet of it) about their choice vote any earlier than the last possible day?

Campaign Crawlers

Godless in Carolina

By 11.3.08

A Tar Heel mud fight that would make Jesse Helms proud.