A Simple Question for UVA

By on 4.9.15 | 10:06AM

As a journalist, there is a danger in taking things for granted. The only stupid question is the one you're afraid to ask. So I just sent the following email to the Communications Office at the University of Virginia:

Dear Sir or Madam:

In following up on the Rolling Stone story, I came across a column at National Review by K.C. Johnson in which he points to Emily Renda's July 2014 Senate testimony, saying that Ms. Renda "appears never to have filed a complaint with the university, much less with the police."

Ms. Renda said nothing about these details of her own case in her Senate testimony, and I have been unable to ascertain whether in fact there was any police or university investigation of this alleged crime of, if so, whether anyone was prosecuted or disciplined as a result.

Tim Scott’s Conservative Education Proposal

By on 3.10.14 | 3:21PM

One conservative criticism of our current education policy is that a one-size-fits-all plan is unrealistic. With Common Core and No Child Left Behind pushing the education status quo, efforts in policy reform should be taken to develop more diverse options for students.

In January, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) revealed his “opportunity agenda,” consisting of two Senate bills on education reform. Last Friday, Scott promoted his education initiatives at CPAC:

There are four million jobs vacant today in America. We need to prepare our adult learners to fill those jobs…every child doesn’t want to go to college…we should have a dual track, one for college, and one for the skills necessary to fill the four million vacancies we have today in America.

As college tuition continues to increase and there are fewer available jobs commensurate to the cost of the degree, students should benefit from alternative tracks.

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A Challenge To Our Beliefs

By 12.3.13

Depressing news about black students scoring far below white students on various mental tests has become so familiar that people in different parts of the ideological spectrum have long ago developed their different explanations for why this is so. But both may have to do some rethinking, in light of radically different news from England.

The November 9th-15th issue of the distinguished British magazine "The Economist" reports that, among children who are eligible for free meals in England's schools, black children of immigrants from Africa meet the standards of school tests nearly 60 percent of the time -- as do immigrant children from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Black children of immigrants from the Caribbean meet the standards less than 50 percent of the time.

At the bottom, among those children who are all from families with low enough incomes to receive free meals at school, are white English children, who meet the standards 30 percent of the time.

"The Economist" points out that, in one borough of London, white students scored lower than black students in any London borough.

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Viva La Revolucion!

By and From the November 2013 issue

CONSERVATIVES PROPERLY BEMOAN the state of education in America. Our K-12 system exists to benefit teachers, not students, who perform poorly next to their peers from comparable first world countries. Higher ed isn’t in any better shape. But just when you think things can’t get any worse, they don’t. We’re on the cusp of a revolution that will blow up the education system in America, top to bottom. 

What Are Terrorists Teaching Your Kids?

By on 5.8.13 | 5:18PM

The taxpayers of North Carolina would probably be shocked to learn that their state university has for a number of years employed a Marxist revolutionary who advocated the violent overthrow of the American government, which he described as "the imperialist, sexist, racist state."

Howard Machtinger wrote that in 1973, when he was a fugitive wanted by the FBI for his role in a plot by the so-called "Weatherman" terrorist group to bomb the Detroit Police Officers Association Building. Machtinger has never repudiated his radicalism. Indeed, only four years ago, Machtinger defended the Weather Underground in an article in the leftist journal In These Times, saying that it was a right-wing "libel on the antiwar movement" to call the criminal bombers "terrorists."

But They Were Consenting Adults!

By on 12.10.10 | 8:37PM

For decades, Americans have been lectured that there is exactly one standard by which sexual activity can be judged: Were the participants "consenting adults"?

Now comes the news that Columbia University political science professor David Epstein, 46, has been arrested and charged with having a three-year-long sexual affair -- with his own daughter.

The daughter, now 24, was an adult when this incestuous relationship (allegedly) began in 2006 and, while incest remains illegal in New York State, some commenters at the Columbia University student newspaper Web site are mystified as to why it's illegal: "Wait, why is consensual incest a crime? It might not be appealing to everyone, but if they're adults and they consent, who cares what they do?"

Recruiting for the Future of the Left

By on 6.22.10 | 10:20AM

The propagandists at the Alliance for Climate Education, who roam the country lobbying school boards and educrats to allow them to deliver 45-minute talks at high school assemblies, are promoting two new hip-hop artists to their teen audience.