Economic Growth

Who Needs Corporate Welfare?

By on 2.23.11 | 10:27AM

Perhaps Florida's new Republican Gov. Rick Scott is envious of all the attention his colleagues in other states are getting based upon their conservative leadership, as he explains his own actions today in the Washington Times. One noteworthy proposal is his desire to slash business taxes in order to lure companies to the Sunshine State, rather than emphasize the corporate welfare (targeted economic incentives) warfare that states wage against one another:

The Obama Watch

Newt Does a Job on Obama on Jobs

By 12.9.09

Obama was for deficits before he was against them and for them yesterday.

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President Obama, Meet Margaret Thatcher

By 12.8.09

Eight great ideas for jump-starting employment.

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Is Obama Delaying Economic Recovery?

By 5.6.09

The president tries to tax, spend, borrow, and regulate our way to prosperity.

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Fantasy Budget

By 3.4.09

it's nothing but a shameless exercise in left-wing extremism. There are no two ways around it.