Gore Likes What’s Going On Down Under

By on 8.18.10 | 11:07AM

One of Al Gore's minions posted at his personal blog yesterday a plea for Americans to stage nationwide protests similar to those he's read about in Australia.

‘Strong Desire’ for More Talk

By on 4.12.10 | 6:00PM

Climate negotiators at UN-sponsored meetings in Bonn, Germany agreed today to do more of what they do best: talk. The next international glamour city where they plan to come up with a plan to succeed the Kyoto treaty, after Copenhagen's failure, is Cancun. But before they do that this year they must fly their jets and ride in their limos to two other meeting locations, so that the talks in Cancun can be successful:

“At this meeting in Bonn, I have generally seen a strong desire to make progress,” said Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), following the talks over the weekend in Germany.

He cautioned, however, that while additional “meeting time is important, it is itself not a recipe for success.”

Costly Congressional Trip to Copenhagen

By on 1.27.10 | 6:31PM

CBS News reported this a couple of days ago, and here's the video segment.

Among the Intellectualoids

Season’s Greenies

By 12.24.09

French toast for Christmas dinner -- and no thank you notes, please.

Ben Santer is Smiling Somewhere

By on 12.18.09 | 3:01PM

Danish police knock Lord Christopher Monckton unconscious outside the Bella Center.

Another Perspective

Good for China, Good for the World?

By 12.18.09

Copenhagen mainstreams population control.

Transgressions Against Gaia

By on 12.16.09 | 12:53PM

Global warming environoiac Bill McKibben went to church in Copenhagen on Sunday, and shared the emotional experience about his encounter with his god.

A Further Perspective

The Great Hoax

By 12.16.09

The breathtaking dishonesty of the global warming racketeers.

Special Report

What a Piece of Work

By 12.15.09

Turning the heat on Copenhagen and the EPA.

The Public Policy

Sky May Not Be Falling

By 12.7.09

Thanks to Climategate, things aren't looking up for Ms. Henny-Penny, who will not be flying to Copenhagen.