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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Repeal

By 2.2.10

Gays already can serve in the U.S. military, but what about the rights of religious believers and cultural traditionalists?

Can Catholics Support Obamacare?

By on 7.28.09 | 4:12PM

As Congress heads toward its August recess, Washington is questioning whether the Democrat Congress and President Obama will be able to pass a healthcare bill this year.  Most of the attention thus far has focused on the hundreds of billions in new taxes, the control board the government will set up, the escalting costs of the plans, etc.

But the most interesting pushback, at least for me, is from many quarters of the Catholic Church.

Raymond Arroyo over at EWTN recently posted a very helpful summary of what the Church's major objections would be to Obamacare as it is coming together.  They include:

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Conscience Claws

By 7.7.09

President Obama has a masterful ability to convince people he is their friend even while he attacks them.